A “Carbon Neutral” College Football Game: Wisconsin vs. Illinois


As part of a campuswide commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, the Badgers’ Homecoming game against the University of Illinois on Saturday, Oct. 25, has been designated a “carbon-neutral” game.

The game, the first of its kind in the Big Ten and one of the first in the nation, will offer a chance to raise awareness of environmental issues, such as the damaging effects of carbon dioxide and the benefits of conservation and recycling. The event will also provide information on ways fans can take action in their daily lives to become more environmentally friendly.

The game is also a way to highlight the Athletic Department’s plans to implement a recycling and sustainability plan during the next five years.

“We’re hoping this game will stimulate more awareness of environmental issues on the part of Badger fans everywhere and demonstrate the many ways in which athletics and the rest of our campus are making meaningful commitments to sustainability,” says Chancellor Carolyn “Biddy” Martin.

The project has two aims: to offset carbon dioxide emissions generated directly by activities surrounding the game, and to make a continuing investment in a healthy environment by planting trees.

Buy a GM Car, Get GM Stock

Edward Niedermeyer:

With GM’s resale values and stock price hovering at record lows, two Texas dealers have come up with one hell of a sales gimmick. Buy a GM vehicle at Frank Kent Motor Co. in Fort Worth, Texas by the end of the month and the owners will give you 50 shares in General Motors. The scheme is advertised as a celebration of GM’s 100th anniversary, but when asked by Automotive News [sub], Frank Kent Motors owners admit that the promotion was actually inspired by the depths to which GM stock had sunk. And while “50 shares of General Motors” sounds better than “$327? (based on GM’s $6.54/share price at the time of writing), the dealers see the stock as (get this) a hedge against depreciation.