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The Sky Is on Fire! Your Complete Visual Guide to the Northern Lights

Rebecca Rosen:

Over the past week, Norway has been witness to some jaw-dropping light shows, the result of an M8.7 class flare and a coronal mass ejection in a direction pointed toward Earth. Many Norwegians shared their photos of the northern lights — or “nordlys” in Norwegian — on Flickr, where we reached out to them for permission to republish them here, in the gallery above. Through Flickr, we can see halfway across the world, to the skies above Trondheim and across Norway.

Panorama: The Gordon Lodge Bailey’s Harbor, WI

The Gordon Lodge. Flickr search.

Tap or click to view the full screen panorama.

Brian Clark likes Door County’s eastern shore.

More of God’s Floral Handiwork

God’s Glorious Fall Colors

Madison has been blessed with a glorious fall.

Fall Color on a Gorgeous Sunday: God’s Glory

A Beautiful Airport Sunset

God’s Glory: A Fabulous Madison Sunset

A September Country Drive

Clearing Storm Near Paoli

God’s Glory: A Gorgeous Sunset

Shot with the fairly impressive iPhone 4 camera.