Political Strategist Bradley Tusk on What Micromobility Startups Can Learn from Uber

I found this discussion fascinating in light of my 2014 uber experience in Manhattan. I was astonished at the street, market and brand power uber created – and leveraged politically.

This discussion with Bradley Tusk – part of the recent Micromobility World conference – illuminates uber’s early approach to markets, governments and its powerful ability to leverage interest in app mobility.

Further, the conversation offers a frank look at “realpolitics”. To wit “but you know, if we waited for their permission everywhere, we’d never, would’ve got off the ground.”


Because fundamentally, if they believe that you can make it harder for them when their next election they’re going to do what you want to do. If they think you can help reelect them, they’re going to do what you want to do.

And if they think that you can’t impact it, you’re completely irrelevant. So fundamentally, if there is legitimate, true demand among the people of the city to have more scooters in the flee and on the streets and you mobilize that properly, it will happen.

mp3 audio version // machine generated transcript (pdf)

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