Madison Utility Costs

A recent neighborhood Facebook post mentioned a “HUGE” jump in the property owner’s MGE (Madison Gas & Electric) January bill.

I’ve occasionally taken a look at Wisconsin utility costs. MG&E has generally been the most expensive (2018-2019 PSC summer .xslx file).

A few links:

11.25.2020 Regulators approve 1-year electricity rate freeze, 4.1% gas increase for MGE customers.

11.27.2014 PSC approves a 80% increase in Madison Gas & Electric’s fixed monthly fee to “maintain a connection to the grid”.

The Madison utility company initially submitted a proposal last June that would have raised the fixed charge to $22 a month in 2015, $48 in 2016, and $67 by 2017.

The kilowatt-hour charge, meanwhile, would have fallen from 14 cents in the winter to 3 cents, and 15 cents in the summer to 4.5 cents by 2017.

2007: Isthmus on elected officials, lobbying and the utlity industry, including:

In 2002, Williamson had testified that Chvala asked him to send campaign donations from Madison Gas & Electric to the Kansas Democratic Party. Kansas allows direct campaign contributions from corporations; Wisconsin does not. From 1998 to 2001, MGE and its subsidiaries sent at least $170,000. Money from Kansas was then sent back to Wisconsin, to a group run by Chvala.

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