Healthcare Price Transparency; a beginning

Starting this year, all hospitals are required to list their prices for elective services. Whether you have insurance or plan to pay cash – find and compare prices below.

Search for pacemaker and several options come up, with prices that vary by thousands of bucks. There are more than a thousand charges for different types of screws used in surgeries, some costing hundreds of dollars, others in the thousands.

Even finding out the charge for a Tylenol isn’t as easy as it might seem. Piedmont’s chargemaster for its Atlanta hospital has all sorts of variations of “acetaminophen.” Some are pills that also include hyrocodone, some have codeine, and the strengths vary along with the list prices that run from about $30 to over $500.

The federal rule requiring hospital price publication.

Federal taxpayers spent $38B+ in back door electronic medical record subsidies from 2009 – 2018 (!)