Inadvertent Metadata Collection from a President George W. Bush Talk

I have to admit that I don’t listen to NPR’s news programs that often. I’ve found them to be far too intertwined with the DC political class. Yet, from time to time, I inadvertently collect their signal. So it was this morning.

I was somewhat surprised to hear an interview with former President George W. Bush. It reminded me of an event I attended earlier this year, where the former President spoke for just under two hours. More conversation than speech, the event was illuminating, particularly the comments on isolationism, immigration and economic growth.

Sponsored by a “too big to fail” bank, the event was off the record. Yet, in keeping with the times, I did collect some metadata. I have not searched the metadata, just collected it.

The NPR interview [here, here and here.] reminded me of the most interesting appearance data. Collected by a table mate, a “liberal democrat from New York” – “I’m no fan of Obama”, I found the metadata to be a fascinating look at the dynamics of President Bush the 2nd’s eight years in office.

## Metadata:

The administration official referenced most often by the former President was Condoleezza Rice. Ben Bernanke & Henry Paulson’s names were uttered not a few times while former Vice President Dick Cheney merited a single mention and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s name failed to enter the conversation.

First Look on metadata.

Metadata ##.

A few photos and a panorama from the George W. Bush Presidential Library.