The DOJ’s lawyer collected data on 58,000 titles published in a year and discovered that 90 percent of them sold fewer than 2,000 copies and 50 percent sold less than a dozen copies.  In my essay “No one will read your book,” I said that publishing houses work more like venture capitalists. They invest small sums in lots of books in hopes that one of them breaks out and becomes a unicorn, making enough money to fund all the rest.

For example, training GPT?3 in Microsoft’s state-of-the-art U.S. data centers can directly consume 700,000 liters of clean freshwater (enough to produce 370 BMW cars or 320 Tesla electric vehicles), and the water consumption would have been tripled if training were done in Microsoft’s data centers in Asia. These numbers do not include the off-site water footprint associated with electricity generation.

You’ll never guess which one is on the FBI domestic terror watchlist:

In the past two years, the company (TSMC) has relocated hundreds of Taiwanese workers and their families to Arizona. Instead of a gleaming new facility, these workers found an active construction site, and a company struggling to bridge Taiwanese and American professional and cultural norms. 

The donations underscore how ambitious employees in Baldwin’s office have decided against heeding her calls to slow the revolving door. A total of 24 of her employees have reportedly come from or gone into lobbying, including on behalf of companies in Wisconsin. Moreover, the cash is an apparent irony that Republicans are aiming to exploit this election cycle amid the GOP rallying around Eric Hovde, a businessman largely self-funding his Senate campaign.

Global powers are racing to expand their presence. China has expressed interest in building a port complex near the Strait’s Atlantic mouth just across Chile’s border in Argentina. From there, Beijing could grow its presence in the region and also project influence in Antarctica, where geopolitical rivalry is heating up as the sea ice melts. In April 2023, the head of the U.S. military’s Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, visited Argentina and Chile, stopping in Punta Arenas for a security briefing and a tour of the strait. “For Magallanes, this will be like going back in time, when we were a free port and ship traffic was enormous.” —María José Navajas, regional director of Corfo

How bots, mercenaries, and table scalpers have turned the restaurant reservation system inside out.

The Department of Justice on Tuesday announced it has reached a $138.7 million settlement deal with victims of the disgraced former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar to resolve their claims of wrongdoing against the FBI in its failures to investigate allegations of sexual abuse.

A service called ReplyGuy advertises itself as “the AI that plugs your product on Reddit” and which automatically “mentions your product in conversations naturally.” Examples on the site show two different Redditors being controlled by AI posting plugs for a text-to-voice product called “AnySpeech” and a bot writing a long comment about a debt consolidation program called Debt Freedom Now. 

In emails released as part of the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google, Dischler laid out several contributing factors — search query growth was “significantly behind forecast,” the “timing” of revenue launches was significantly behind, and a vague worry that “several advertiser-specific and sector weaknesses” existed in search.

Upon reading this, I realized it was time to stop procrastinating and tell you all a story I’ve been meaning to set down for a long time now about the time I visited that house (the cheap $33.75 million one, I mean). Strictly on a need-to-know basis. Because you really need to know how deeply twisted some of these plutocrats who run our society truly are.

10+ years ago I created an annual list of websites that FORBADE you from linking to them, DEMANDED you write to ask for permission or LIMITED links to only their home page. Royal Mail even promised to post me a paper licence.

Wizards of the Coast has been in the drivers seat at Hasbro for some time, and the gradual disintegration of the consumer products business has made Wizards an increasingly crucial part of the company’s portfolio.  Magic: The Gathering remains incredibly popular and very lucrative, but the business has had troubles lately. 

Person: Yes, hello, I heard there is a new hospital price transparency law. I’m trying to be a Good Consumer, so I was wondering if you could share the machine readable fi-

That car was burnt in effigy, not by a solitary individual, but by a giant crowd. These crimes are not punished because the Democrats who run the city want them to happen. The message is simple: today it’s your car, but tomorrow it’s you in the car.

It is set to bring to an end more than 120 years of production in the city. The designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles has been operational since 1901.

Cash price being cheaper than insurance prices has also been documented for prescription drugs. While counterintuitive, these findings reflect the inherent and inevitable trade-offs between using cash and using insurance to purchase healthcare. Insurance shields us from financial risk exposure but adds administrative complexities. When financial risk exposure is low, it makes little sense to use insurance. That’s why car insurance does not cover oil changes, and home insurance does not cover faucet replacements; otherwise, premiums would skyrocket and such plans would be driven out of business. Why Are Cash Prices Lower Than Health Insurance Negotiated Prices?

Women now author the majority of books published, according to an NBER study.

The change was positioned by the company as a way to more quickly and deeply integrate AI into its products, but make no mistake about it: This is an attempt to mimic Apple’s product development model.

People Are Slowly Realizing Their Auto Insurance Rates Are Skyrocketing Because Their Car Is Covertly Spying On Them.

From 2021 through 2023, venture capital firms reportedly pumped nearly $100 billion into defense tech startup companies — an amount 40 percent higher than the previous seven years combined. This report examines how Silicon Valley startups, big tech, and venture capital who benefit from classified Defense contracts will create costly, high-tech defense products that are ineffective, unpredictable, and unsafe – all on the American taxpayer’s dime.

The $72-per-square-foot pricing for the tower at 995 Market St., which anchors the corner at Sixth and Market streets, represents a 90% drop in value from when the building last sold in 2016, for roughly $62 million.

GM shared our driving data with insurers without consent, lawsuit claims

Ex-Post Office boss sought ‘non-emotive words’ for Horizon bugs, inquiry hears

I previously highlighted the 1910s, 1940s, 1970s, and 2000s as weak decades for both stocks and bonds in real terms. During those decades, energy assets invariably did well. Gold and silver usually did well. Copper and other commodities usually did well. The benefits of diversification in that sense are clear throughout modern financial history, both logically and quantifiably. The higher prices of these base materials are what’s pressuring stocks and bonds during those periods, and so it helps to own the base materials and/or their producers alongside stocks and bonds.