This post covered my experimentation with the technical aspects of Apple’s fisheye projection format (Vision Pro). Along the way, it’s been fun to collaborate with Andrew, Paul, and others to work through the details. And while we were unable to arrive at a 100% solution, we’re most definitely within range.

The Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners unanimously voted this week to change the name of Oakland International Airport to San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport, infuriating San Francisco officials who promised to sue over the decision.

A conference on National Conservatism is proceeding today in Brussels after a Belgian court ruled in the event’s favour against a police shutdown ordered by the local mayor, in what has been hailed as a “victory for free speech”.

Barcelona bus route removed from map apps to tackle tourist overcrowding.

Take, for example, A Chart of Biography, which is considered to be the first modern timeline. This unusual, and unusually beautiful, pedagogical tool, which was published by Priestley in 1765, while he was in his thirties and working as a tutor at an academy in Warrington, England, tends to get lost in the shuffle of Priestley’s more notable achievements—his seminal 1761 textbook on language, The Rudiments of English Grammar, say, or his discovery of nine gases, including oxygen, 13 years later.

I went to Cairo, Illinois, the capital of the fastest-shrinking county in America, and wrote about why in the future, much larger parts of America are likely to lose population.

Report card comparing Biden & Trump’s accomplishments.

How Amazon built an unrivalled EV charging network in just two years.

Hospital prices for the same emergency care vary up to 16X, study finds.

‘Rather Despicable’: John Eastman Speaks Out After Bank Of America, USAA Shut Down His Accounts