For the US, the slowdown is mainly a story of labor force particiation, demographics, and hours. The decline in productivity growth in the US is minor by comparison. In Fully Grown I zeroed in on the demographics, in part because I was combining the LFP and Aging components. The data in the table here is also a little different than what I used in Fully Grown (Penn World Tables versus national accounts) so there are going to be slight discrepancies. In contrast, the story of the slowdown in Europe is about productivity growth and aging, but with substantial offsets coming from LFP and hours. Changes in labor market activity, in general, prevented the slowdown in Europe from being even more devastating.

“This is not your pop’s Republican Party,” Van Orden told GOP activists at the convention, which was broadcast by WisconsinEye. “We’ve got tattoos, piercings. Some of us who have hair decided to color it purple. We’re the working men and women of this nation.”

The French carmakers can say what others are thinking due to their minimal Chinese market exposure,” said Matthias Schmidt, an independent auto analyst. “The Germans have their mouths taped as they are petrified of a retaliation from their cash cow market where they are heavily — or now even potentially dangerously — exposed.”

Jack Dorsey may have left Twitter’s troubles behind, but he’s still getting into trouble onTwitter, where he has been incessantly replying to random posters and retweeting his support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist and Ukraine war crank. I have learned that the endorsement hasn’t gone over super well inside Block (formerly Square), Dorsey’s publicly-traded payments company, which he runs as C.E.O. Indeed, the R.F.K. issue came up last week during a skeptical exchange at an all-hands meeting, according to a video I’ve seen, in which Dorsey was asked how endorsing Kennedy is “in line with Block’s mission of economic empowerment” and how he could “reconcile that against his track record of conspiracy theories.”

2018: “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years,” said Thunberg in a since-deleted tweet. 

The fallout could be a major storyline over the next year. Asked for comment, an Omidyar spokesperson first downplayed the conversations as merely preliminary. But the following day, in a rare, unsigned blog post—the Omidayars’ first substantive post since April 2021—the organization all but confirmed, in the typical Omidyarian word-salad style, that they “are now shifting into even deeper modes of collaboration and diversifying support of our work.” Describing the pivot as “a necessary step in our evolution,” the statement went on to say that “collaboration can take many forms” and that some Omidyar teams will indeed need to partner with new funders to continue their work. “For others, collaboration may be more heavily rooted in advocacy campaigns in coalition with trusted partners, community members, and activists,” the message continued. “There are many other models we are exploring and dynamic learning conversations around this approach are underway. This exploration will take time.”

The prompts are exactly the same for each. In Photoshop, a single prompt gets three results, Dalle-2 outputs 4 results, and OpenJourney generates only one. Each image’s caption indicates where it was generated.

Of 12,331 companies that met this criteria, Stanford University topped the list with 941 companies founded by alumni of Stanford University (including Stanford Graduate Business School). Then came MIT, with 637 of companies founded by its alumni (including MIT – Sloan School of Management).

IBM and some other vendors made lots of different typeballs, but most of them are 40-50 years old and no one has been making new typeballs for a long time. 3D printing is a natural fit for making new typeballs, but most printers still don’t have the ability to produce the sharp details necessary on a sufficiently-resilient material. So it’s understandable that no one made a really functional 3D-printable typeball. Until now, that is!

In this post, I’ll explain how to style RSS feeds and educate readers at the same time.

The Wisconsin antenna consists of two lines, each about 14 miles long. The Michigan antenna uses three lines, two about 14 miles long and one roughly 28 miles long.

Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present (V 13.4.0)

Research on the human modification of channels along the main Nile has primarily focused on the impacts of dam and canal construction in the modern era (e.g., Bunbury et al., 2023; Stanley, 1996; Woodward et al., 2022) or on ancient canalisation and harbour infrastructure (e.g., Boraik et al., 2017; Quirke, 2009). To date, river groynes in the Nile Valley have been subject only to localised examinations (e.g., Tahir & Sadig 2014; Vercoutter, 1966; Wolf & Gabriel, 2008) and, to our knowledge, none have been independently dated. Some were built within the living memory of the region’s present-day inhabitants to trap fertile Nile silts for cultivation (Figure 1), a practice already noted by European travellers to Nubia in the early 19th century C.E. (Cailliaud, 1826). However, similar structures situated within ancient palaeochannels indicate construction over much longer time frames, whether for the same or other purposes.

They have robbed alike the cradle and grave to get their present force.” Intended for public consumption and liberally quoted in the press, Grant’s letter aimed to bolster Union morale at a politically crucial moment. But the document’s influence outlasted the election, seeding a claim that grew into conventional wisdom by the late nineteenth century: the notion that the Confederacy had mobilized a much higher percentage of underage boys and youths than the United States.

Ranking the US cities.

Blue ocean strategy

These are owner-occupied homes up to 355,000 euros, the AD writes. These will no longer be allowed to be sold to everyone. Instead, the council can force a house below this price to go to a buyer with a middle or low income.

Prices here have been steadily climbing since January, reaching $4.91 per gallon of regular gas on average this week, surpassing the Golden State, the longtime national leader at the pump, according to a Seattle Times analysis of retail prices compiled by AAA. The average price in King County exceeded $5 a gallon on Wednesday.

In the second of a three-part series which delves deeper into the Boeing Archives and the company’s history with a chat with Lombardi.

Lombardi, 63, is only the third person holding the post of company historian and running Boeing Archive since 1994. Just recently, Lombardi and his team moved to new premises from their previous location in Bellevue, Washington in the Seattle area to Auburn, 40 km away, originally started as a Boeing factory built in 1966 for the Boeing 747 program. The multi-million-dollar new Boeing Archive facility stores and preserves documents and artefacts going back all the way to Boeing’s founding days in 1916. Airlineratings was given unprecedented access and started with an interview with Michael Lombardi.

Prices for things like police enforcement, park fees go and supplies like t-shirts, bibs, stickers, food and drinks have only gone up over the past few years, said Ryan Richards, the Paddle and Portage event director for the past two races and for four years in the early 2000s. At the same time, participation numbers fell during the COVID-19 pandemic, making running the event this year too expensive for most people, he said. 

“While we have historically operated with W-2 employed drivers, we have found it difficult to maintain this model in the highly competitive food delivery business,” the company said in a statement Thursday. Switching to third-party delivery services “puts us in a better position to compete in the future and allows us to offer expanded delivery hours and broader coverage for our restaurant partners.”

a book list.

The Postal Service reports that complaints of mail theft doubled in 2021, and banks report that check fraud jumped to 680,000 reports last year, up from 300,000 the year before. So, who is stealing these checks? It’s not entirely clear; it could be workers at postal distribution centers who recognize a check in an envelope or, perhaps more likely, thieves who fish envelopes out of mailboxes.

If none of this seems to make sense, it is because it doesn’t.

The aggressive meritocracy which allowed Cortés to rise to power at such a young age is nearly unfathomable today, in our age of bureaucracy and corporatism.

With the current geopolitical challenges between China and the United States, as well as the ongoing supply chain issues affecting manufacturers and consumers, there’s been much talk about moving global manufacturing out of China. But despite the talk, US-China trade reached a record level in 2022, with no signs of any slowing in the near future.

“we need a stable energy system.” The Swedish decision is an important step in the right direction, implicitly acknowledging the low quality of unstable wind and solar, and is part of a general collapse of confidence in the renewable energy agenda pioneered in the Nordic countries and in Germany.

The story behind the shot: My wife and I were on a road trip in Iceland, and we took a ferry to the Westman Islands where we’d heard there was a puffin colony. We pulled over at a beautiful spot to stretch our legs. There we saw a lone bird perched on the most amazing lava rock cliff, which was covered in colorful lichen and blooming wildflowers. It was raining and the sky was dark, creating a moody tone. I knew this moment was special: It was the first Atlantic Puffin I’d seen, let alone been able to photograph.