Convenience stores, on average, carry around 3,000 products and their inventory is updated with dizzying frequency. Store managers can order things from a catalog of ~8,000 items that the franchise headquarters constantly updates, and have it delivered the same day. On top of that, the scale of their operation enables them to strike deals with manufacturers to make “konbini only” variants of their products that further drive traffic and consumption.

Searchable and sortable H1B salary database

After the collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War in Europe, many countries abolished compulsory military service. But in the wake of the war in Ukraine, several are considering bringing it back.

Every single thing that is not written down equals wasted resources in the future and a potential for headaches. Your headaches. And I don’t know about you, but I’d like to make sure I don’t have any headaches; that’s why I enjoy building systems that work without me. Now imagine how much stuff you haven’t written down yet, and that’s your current potential to drown in unexpected issues. For example, your continuous deployment broke because of some package updates. Coincidentally only Bob from Department X knows how to fix this issue. Oh, and they’re on vacation this whole week.

The problem is that there are only a few operators of the Antonov An-124. Antonov Airlines operates a handful of An-124s, but as a Ukrainian airline they certainly won’t be flying to Russia. Maximus Air Cargo and their single An-124 also fall into that category.


For instance: Nichols speaks about the “predictability” of waves crashing on a beach, how that sound (familiar, gentle, a little hypnotic) can induce a relaxed state. There’s a reason it’s easy to do nothing at the beach. Once cortisol drops, we find it easier to lean into our brains — to think without fretting. If it helps, try dismantling the “event nature” of heading to a body of water. Think affordability and accessibility: what’s the closest body of water you can get to on a bike? Can you go alone for a half hour? Can you leave your phone at home?

Last year, Kansas produced 244 million bushels of hard red winter wheat. “This year, they’re projecting the yield to be 30 bushels an acre on average,” said Hayden Guetterman, a farmer. “That kind of estimates out to 178 million bushels a week. That’s down substantially from what we normally produce. It will have an affect.”

Some of her (Louise Perry) tale is anthropologicalthis is how the male thinks, beware! — and some of it is just delivering the harsh facts of life. This was a good zinger: OnlyFans is to the marriage market as a criminal record is to the jobs market.

Again, this is just one of many possible “conveniences” that I see that just don’t exist in the offerings from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, et.al. Things that would make the move from smartphone to camera more attractive, and potentially start to regrow the camera market again. Something’s that necessary before all us old fogeys with those giant neck hangers all die off. More.

One of the dirty little secrets of the electric vehicle boom is that many of its workers are paid less and enjoy fewer benefits than those who manufacture the nation’s gas guzzlers. But if unions have their way, that won’t be the case for long.

Zlochevsky allegedly told the CHS he was dismayed by Trump’s victory, fearing an investigation would reveal his payments to the Biden family, which included a $5 million payment to Hunter Biden and a $5 million payment to Joe Biden. According to the CHS, the Burisma executive bemoaned the situation, claiming the Bidens had “coerced” him into paying the bribes.

Under the bill, wedding barns that host more than six events a year would have to obtain a Class B liquor license, which would allow them to serve beer and wine.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin was quick to criticize potential Republican opponent Eric Hovde as being an “out of state multimillionaire” after it was disclosed he paid nearly $7 million in 2018 to buy a luxurious hillside estate in Laguna Beach, California. But, as it turns out, Baldwin isn’t doing so badly herself. In 2021, the second-term Democratic senator and her partner bought a “luxurious” $1.3 million Washington, D.C., rooftop condo just steps from the U.S. Capitol. The pad cost more than three times what a buyer paid for her old Washington digs and four times as much as the median sale price for Wisconsin homes in April 2023. The “penthouse residence” — in the words of the real estate agent — has three bedrooms and three full bathrooms with soaring ceilings and a private roof deck “with monument views like you cannot believe!”

“6 Reasons DOJ’s ‘Get Trump’ Documents Case Is Seriously Flawed.” This is a concise article at The Federalist, written by Will Scharf who is a former federal prosecutor and currently a Republican candidate for Missouri Attorney General.

To promote transparency, the Federal Reserve Board on Friday published a database of financial institutions with access to, or requests to access, Federal Reserve Bank master accounts and services. The database is consistent with the requirements set forth in legislation enacted last year and will be updated on a quarterly basis. A master account is an account in which a Reserve Bank receives deposits for a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union. The Reserve Banks provide financial services to financial institutions much like those that banks and credit unions provide to their customers. These services include collecting checks, electronically transferring funds, and distributing and receiving cash and coin.

At the start of the survey, electric owners were paying on average 10p a mile for charging in public, while at the pumps they handed over between 15-16p depending on whether they were buying petrol or diesel. Between October 2021 and April 2023 the cost of charging an electric car in public has more doubled to 20p per mile.

This is the first of a two-part series looking at how Arizona was chosen as the US state to host the latest semiconductor wafer fabrication plant from TSMC, the world’s leading chip foundry, in a move that is redefining geopolitical boundaries in the global chip industry.

Fitzgerald stayed on four years longer, but said he also witnessed the culture shift as the company matured. For instance, he said Google stopped promoting its transparency report to the media, free expression advocates were replaced by more traditional business-focused executives, and then there was Project Maven – the controversial Department of Defense drone project that Google signed on to build artificial intelligence for, and later succumbed to employee pressure to back out of in 2018. “There was a slow erosion of a lot of these things that Google had said they cared about,” said Fitzgerald, who has since founded The Worker Agency, an advocacy and communications firm that counts a Google worker union among its clients.