Munro predicts that 2028 will be the end of the so-called ICE age as the era of the EV takes over, and as such, industry needs to be prepared to embrace new ideas, and be thinking about them yesterday.

Automakers are starting to admit that drivers hate touchscreens. Buttons are back!

The news that LucasFilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny would feature a de-aged Ford came at the end of last year, but an interview with director James Mangold in Total Film just revealed it will be for almost a fifth of the film’s running time. 

British institutions exert impressive amounts of soft power for a tiny island nation. One can think of the country as playing the role of an Italian city-state in the fourteenth century: it capitalizes on historic cultural prestige, educates the children of elites from its former empire, and serves as a playground for wealth and status games while not really producing anything of hard value.

Starlink map.

And because democracy operates on the principle of freedom of choice, such manipulation should be done subtly, Bernays added. If you want a man to buy a piano, for example, don’t tell him to buy a piano. Rather, Bernays wrote, you should “implant the idea in the mind of the general public” that having a music room is now fashionable. Then the idea of buying a piano “will come to him as if it is his own idea.”

But by then, Harris was on her way to becoming attorney general and did not need the support of her older married boyfriend.

“His career is over. I will be alive and kicking for the next 40 years. I do not owe him a thing,” Kamala shrewdly stated.

Still, Brown assisted her in her 2016 bid for the Senate and spoke favorably of her over the years.