On a crowded speedboat making a night crossing in rough waters off Colombia in January, Daniel Huang, a former Shanghai fitness trainer, began to regret his decision to try to enter the U.S. via Latin America.

“I knew more about retreating than the man that invented retreating,” Twain quipped of his experience.

Granted that this technology remains the incumbent for some time to come, Whittingham has concerns—big concerns—about how the world makes and uses these energy storage devices. Here are the big issues he worries about:

This ended with the least satisfying end one could expect. Over on Hacker News kevin_nisbet recommended changing the APN on the device to see if there were any routing differences. I changed the APN to NXTGENPHONE, which I figured would work as a “generic LTE device”, per https://www.att.com/support/article/wireless/KM1062162/. However, the router was not able to authenticate with the NXTGENPHONE APN, so I switched back to broadband.

The court found that he and other drivers involved in the case, based in the UK and Portugal, had the right to more information about the way automated decisions were made about them.

Crow is asked why he bought Thomas’ mother’s house: ProPublica reported that Crow bought a single-story home and two vacant lots down the road for $133,363 from three co-owners — Thomas, his mother and the family of Thomas’ late brother. “I assumed his mother owned the home,” Crow said. “His life story is an amazing American life story: born into deep poverty. Father gone. Mother — the lady whom we’re talking about — really not able to do a lot to help raise her two sons. Ultimately raised by his grandparents, who were illiterate. Growing up in Jim Crow Georgia. So I approached him with the idea that I might purchase that home for the purpose that in due course it could be the boyhood home of a great American.” The thought that it was more than that “kind of drives me crazy.”

The European Commission wants to cut deals with private American space companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch cutting-edge European navigation satellites due to continued delays to Europe’s next generation Ariane rocket system.

13. JERSEY/B JETS. Mark Sanchez, Richard Todd, Chad Pennington, Kellen Clemens, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Joe Flacco, Jay Fielder, Mike Taliaferro and Babe Parelli. The Jets certainly wouldn’t want Aaron Rodgers under center. After all, they are the Jets.

On Monday, Microsoft and Epic Systems announced that they are bringing OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI language model into health care for use in drafting message responses from health care workers to patients and for use in analyzing medical records while looking for trends.

A French publisher has been arrested on terror charges in London after being questioned by UK police about participating in anti-government protests in France. Ernest Moret, 28, a foreign rights manager for Éditions la Fabrique, was approached by two plainclothes officers at St Pancras station on Monday evening after arriving by train from Paris to attend the London book fair.

“We’ve met with them over 30 times in the last year … never got a single piece of feedback from them about what we can be doing better or differently, and then this Wells Notice arrived,” Armstrong told CNBC in an interview.

SpaceX rockets are designed to land back on Earth but the second stage of the Falcon 9 does not parachute down to the ground. Instead, it burns up in the atmosphere but before doing so it vents its unused fuel which will often take the form of a stunning spiral.

As an agent for the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), Doyle – who celebrates her 102nd birthday today – secretly relayed 135 coded messages to the British military before France’s liberation in August. She took advantage of the fact that the Nazi occupiers and their French collaborators were generally less suspicious of women, using the knitting she carried as a way to hide her codes. For seventy years, Doyle’s contributions to the war effort were largely unheralded, but she was finally given her due in 2014 when she was awarded France’s highest honor, the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

They are enabled with GPS tracking and can be guided to an accuracy within two centimetres, enabling seed-planting equipment to sow crops with precision to drive up efficiency, prevent wastage and boost environmental sustainability.