This post examines how market valuations and revenues of the major stakeholders in the semiconductor ecosystem have evolved over the last decade and illustrates the new contours taking shape in the semiconductor industry.

Woke, feminized CIA sentences to ponder

I love the aughts fashion, the use of the word “victim,” and the fact that “finger-guns” gets a hyperlink in the last caption. The woman in the photo gives an Oscar-worthy performance in the final image — she looks like she’s on the verge of tears — and her male counterpart couldn’t look more smug. The pictures are endearing and capture a kind of humanity you don’t find in your average stock photo.

Intel Unveils BonanzaMine, A Bitcoin Accelerator ASIC

But institutions … don’t work like that. Trading desks have quarterly P&L targets, and traders have annual bonuses they want to make. There’s a widespread culture of “what have you done for me lately?” — you can’t coast on past success. The implicit call option embedded in most traders’ compensation profiles exacerbates this.

The Lost Soul of the Dallas Cowboys

Will Our Military State Fail Us? II

Probably, one of the most dreaded software development methodologies might make sense again for small companies in a operational perspective.

A lab leak in Wuhan, China, is now considered the most likely origin of the Covid pandemic “behind closed doors” in the Government, it has been claimed, after Boris Johnson signalled that security measures would be enhanced to prevent accidental escape….

American workers are going back to bars, movies, sports arenas and weddings—pretty much everywhere but their offices.

Subaru, Kia shut off some car features rather than adhere to ‘right to repair’ law

“Suzy Chaffee had this great idea, let’s throw some music into this,” Howard told me. Chaffee, who became one of the highest-profile stars of the sport, had a figure skating and dance background, he said.3“So she interpreted it in a dance way. I, on the other hand, was more interested in putting on some rock ’n’ roll in the background and just let it happen.”

Seventeen years ago, I bought a fourplex for $106,000 USD. Now, it’d sell for six or seven times that amount, even though inflation-adjusted wages are worth less than back then. No wonder Canadian household debt levels are the highest in the world. Hyper-corrupt Canada’s real estate pyramid scheme is getting worse by the day, but don’t for a minute think it’s nearing a breaking point.

Pujols ended up becoming one of the best baseball players of all time (currently ranked 32nd by WAR). His weight wasn’t a problem, but if you read scouting reports on other great players who were heavy or short, they were frequently underrated. Of course, baseball scouting reports didn’t only look at people’s appearances, but scouts were generally highly biased by what they thought an athlete should look like.

This is the story of how and why Hongkongers have been able to sustain their movement so long, even faced with an overwhelming enemy like China. The protestors have developed a range of tactics that have helped them minimise capture and arrests and helped keep the pressure up for five months: They include enforcing and maintaining anonymity, both in person and online, rapid dissemination of information with the help of the rest of the population, a policy of radical unanimity to maintain unity in the face of an overwhelming enemy and Hongkongers’ famous “be water” techniques, through which many of them escaped arrest.