Elections rarely end the way people expect them when they start. In spring 2015, everyone expected the presidential showdown to be Bush vs Clinton 3: Rise of the Megadonors. Donald Trump’s rise as a serious candidate and victory surprised everyone (especially me), showing outsiders can influence the byzantine swamp of DC. Earlier this year the general consensus expected 2024 to repeat established themes with Trump vs Biden 2: Geriatric Wars. Ron Desantis looked as though he would overtake Trump but started flaming out in March, beginning with his flip-flop on Ukraine.

It is important to note, however, that while a location like Kosovo may provide added protection, it is not a guarantee against censorship or attacks. Hosting content that is controversial or politically sensitive always carries some level of risk, and it is important to carefully consider the potential consequences before hosting such content. In practice while some internet related laws exist in Kosovo they are not enforced by lack of competent officials (that are also underpaid, and often not paid on time at all), in fact the central government in Pristina does not even have control over its Serbian majority east where militias and the Serbian government hold a tight grip on everything, heavily armed and prepared for war at any time. Serbian authorities do not cooperate with Kosovo.

By any standard, mainframes are enormous. Today’s mainframe can have up to 240 server-grade CPUs, 40TB of error-correcting RAM, and many petabytes of redundant flash-based secondary storage. They’re designed to process large amounts of critical data while maintaining a 99.999 percent uptime—that’s a bit over five minutes’ worth of outage per year. A medium-sized bank may use a mainframe to run 50 or more separate financial applications and supporting processes and employ thousands of support personnel to keep things running smoothly.

There are 1,847 Tesla Supercharger stations in the U.S. housing 20,040 Tesla Supercharger ports, according to data collected by the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s roughly a quarter of all DC Fast (the quickest type of EV charger) EV charging stations in the country and nearly two-thirds of all DC Fast EV charging ports.

Their stories animate the complex relationship to place: What happens when you stay, what happens when you leave, and what of the multitude of moments in between. The stories transport readers to different parts of the state, whether stretches of roaming tumbleweeds, the parking lot of a subdued strip mall, or a coastal one-light municipality. “Just empty, windblown charm. The same tiny town I remember,” Kimberly King Parsons writes in “Whiskey Sour.”

The madness of crowds aside, it is worth reflecting on what we concretely know about LLMs at this point in time and how these insights sparked the latest AI fervor. This will help put into perspective the relevance of current research efforts and the possibilities that abound.

NASA also said that two old MD-90 airframes that will be used to build the prototype have been taken out of storage at a desert airfield in Victorville, Calif., and moved to a facility in Palmdale, Calif., for conversion. Both jets were formerly operated by Delta Air Lines.

Wait, I thought Elon built a series of tremendous blowout startup businesses to earn that wealth? Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing? Prior to Elon, Twitter was a cesspool and worked hand in hand with the US Government to kill free speech. That’s called fascism. I bet the same professor isn’t upset with the way the Washington Post and New York Times operate. I don’t think taking class with him would be all that productive. I saw an article about how the current US Presidential administration has turned the US military academies into woke factories instead of leadership factories designed to create career officers. Not really a surprise given what they have done everywhere else in the government. My friend Jeff has a piece up on how the military falls far short of goals. I liked the military better when they had the motto “when you absolutely, positively have to blow things up.” Here is an old USMA Men’s Volleyball t-shirt. Do you think they could wear it today when we are instructing cadets to refer to their parents as guardians and not “Mom and Dad” so as not to offend anyone?

We heard some frantic voices calling out that the tow line had snapped, that the vessel was adrift and headed for the rocks,” said Beaudoin, who remembers a split second of silence on board the aircraft as the news sunk in. Bonomi doesn’t recall the exact words the Sea Tow captain shouted into his radio as he watched the Privateer being swept away by the waves and current. But he said it was something to the effect of: “Coast Guard, you’ve got to do something!”

What Ponsin didn’t know was that Tesla employees had been instructed to thwart any customers complaining about poor driving range from bringing their vehicles in for service. Last summer, the company quietly created a “Diversion Team” in Las Vegas to cancel as many range-related appointments as possible. The Austin, Texas-based electric carmaker deployed the team because its service centers were inundated with appointments from owners who had expected better performance based on the company’s advertised estimates and the projections displayed by the in-dash range meters of the cars themselves, according to several people familiar with the matter.

I am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way ‘cool’ to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos. It is in fact the case that you will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped, whether its the music business or yourself doing the pimping.

The data also shows that eSIM technology is finding particular appeal among dual-SIM users, and is further driving the adoption of dual-SIM usage in a number of markets where the usage was previously limited or non-existent. The latter trend is particularly visible in the U.S. and South Korea – compared to a year ago dual-SIM penetration nearly doubled in the U.S. (+89%) and more than tripled in South Korea (+217%). The eSIM + physical SIM combination has opened up the door to dual-SIM usage in these two markets – among our dual-SIM users with an eSIM-capable phone, respectively 87.3% and 89.9% had an active eSIM alongside their physical SIM in Q1 2023. Taiwan’s share stood at 51.9%, but the market has an established and widespread penetration of dual-SIM usage (17.8% of all users had dual-SIM there in the same period). Indonesia, meanwhile, while having high penetration of dual-SIM usage (57.7%), is still at a very early stage of eSIM adoption, with only 2.6% of dual-SIM users with an eSIM installed, among eSIM-capable device base in Q1 2023.

On the evening of July 19th, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Sky watchers from southern California to Arizona witnessed a magnificent exhaust plume. At the San Francisco Volcanic Field north of Flagstaff, photographer Jeremy Perez saw something extra:

I find this explanation intelligent, informed, and interesting—yet unsatisfying, in the same way and for the same reasons as I find Robert Allen’s explanation unsatisfying: I don’t believe that industrialization was so contingent on such very specific factors. When you consider the breadth of problems being solved and advances being made in so many different areas, the progress of that era looks less like a lucky break, and more like a general problem-solving ability getting applied to the challenge of human existence. (I tried to get Devereaux’s thoughts on this, but I guess he was too busy to give much of an answer.)

Willie Nelson was also on the bill that night, and seeing the way O’Connor was treated, invited her to join him in the studio the next day. The song they recorded, released on his 1993 album, Across the Borderline, was a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up.” Gabriel’s original 1986 version was inspired by the Dust Bowl–era photography of Dorothea Lange, but written and sung from the point of view of a contemporary English miner left behind by the Margaret Thatcher economy. His narrator’s despair is palpable, but he finds the resolve to carry on in a prechorus sung by his wife—in Gabriel’s case, duet partner Kate Bush—who reassures him, “Don’t give up, you’re not beaten yet . . . you still have us.”

Welcome to The Hacker’s Dictionary, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor.

A new study estimates ~800,000 Americans are permanently disabled or die each year from diagnostic medical errors. Concurrently, multiple reports look at ways this may be reduced, including artificial intelligence. In this edition of Ground Truths, I’ll review the scope of the problem and prospects for improvement that are desperately needed.


When the Vision Pro was finally announced, people working on it believed the development team would eventually be broken up and distributed across the company — matching the approach used by Apple’s other core devices. But the recent name change seems to imply that the current structure is here to stay.

The point is, it’s hard to say with any certainty whether this will truly be the moment when Hayao Miyazaki steps away from feature animation for good (he’ll likely never step away from animation entirely, directing a new short for the Ghibli Museum during his last retirement, Boro the Caterpillar). Until a few days ago, it was also hard to say what this mysteriously titled final film would actually be about, following a bold PR strategy of, well, not doing any PR. Only a single poster for the film featuring a heron was released before its theatrical debut, without so much as press or preview screenings, trailers, screenshots, or even a synopsis. Ok

At the wave pool, which is lined with an artificial beach and ringed by cabanas and a small hotel, the Floridians ripped oceanlike swells for six hours before coming landside. They then congregated at the hotel’s mezzanine bar overlooking the waves to rip righteous tequila shots. “It’s nice to do something fun and then go out and drink,” one partyer told me, “rather than just drink.”

So, what has NASA abandoned? Late last month, the agency pulled the plug on the X-57 electric airplane before the first flight. NASA concluded that the electric and battery technology for the X-57, a small airplane, is too dangerous. NASA wouldn’t even authorize test flights.

The idea seems to be that the MLS is so important, so critical, and an institution that drives equality and social justice that it should be left alone. But what we’re likely to get is the exact opposite of being left alone.

Now, the proof is getting stronger that a lack of flexibility can hurt in the long term. Companies with flexible work policies are growing more quickly than those that require people to be in the office full-time, according to The Flex Index, released July 18, which collects office requirements on more than 4,500 companies with 30,000 locations and that employ more than 100 million people globally.

The Selway is a storied river to whitewater enthusiasts, though not many have floated it due to the limited access the US Forest Service allows. The water is only high enough for rafts to embark confidently in late May through early August, and because it’s such a coveted river with a National Wild and Scenic River distinction attached, only one group can launch per day. Obtaining a permit is among the most difficult in the Forest Service system; entry into the yearly lottery yields odds of under 1% as over 10,000 people seek around 60 spots.

“Dark Side” represented the culmination of the group’s struggle to extricate itself from the long shadow of original leader Syd Barrett, the textbook case of a 1960s rocker who went the chemical distance and never returned. As the new documentary makes clear, The Pink Floyd (as they were originally called, fusing the names of Barrett’s favorite American blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council) was very much a product of Barrett’s visionary acidhead whimsy, with bassist Roger Waters, keyboardist Rick Wright and drummer Nick Mason supporting the leader’s singing, songwriting and lead guitar. The magic lasted through the group’s eclectic first singles, but as early as the tour for the 1967 debut album “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” an LSD-addled, mentally ill Barrett was staring into the middle distance and playing one note for entire sets. He was barely present on the follow-up, “A Saucerful of Secrets” (1968), and got jettisoned from the band shortly thereafter, with guitarist David Gilmour already drafted to take his place. Fellow musician John Etheridge later remembered thinking that Gilmour should “enjoy it while it lasts, because without Syd that band’s going nowhere” — one of the great wrong calls in the history of popular music.

Investigations suggest that, in some fields, at least one-quarter of clinical trials might be problematic or even entirely made up, warn some researchers. They urge stronger scrutiny.

Microsoft still doesn’t know — or want to share — how China-backed hackers stole a key that allowed them to stealthily break into dozens of email inboxes, including those belonging toseveral federal government agencies.

Statistical arbitrage (stat arb) is a pillar of quantitate trading that relies on mean reversion to predict the future returns of an asset. Mean reversion believes that if a stock has risen higher it’s more likely to revert in the short term which is the opposite of a momentum strategy that believes if a stock has been rising it will continue to rise. This blog post will walk you the ‘the’ statistical arbitrage paper Statistical Arbitrage in the US Equities Market apply it to a stock/ETF pair and then look at an intraday crypto stat arb strategy.

“We are seeing for the first time what a megaconstellation means to the world,” Dickinson said. “That provides such resiliency and redundancy in terms of maintaining satellite communications in this example. That is powerful, and the department is moving in that direction.”

Satellite reconnaissance emerged as an irreplaceable source of U.S. intelligence during the Cold War. The vast resources required to build intelligence satellites quickly transformed space reconnaissance into an industrial-scale activity. Though satellite reconnaissance primarily served policymakers in Washington, two of its critical nodes for research, development, and operations were in Sunnyvale, California and Rochester, New York. In both places, a coalition of scientists and engineers in corporations, universities, and intelligence agencies collaborated to create satellites designed to penetrate the Iron Curtain. These technical experts were critical not only for the development of satellite reconnaissance systems, but also for their operation.

At United, bids for 978 captain vacancies, or about 50% of the vacancies posted, have gone unfilled in the past year, United pilot union data shows.

The leading companies are now profitable without subsidies. Protectionists, unions, and car makers that still aren’t good at making battery cars drive lobbying for subsidies.

Bundle a model’s weights, configuration, prompts, data and more into self-contained packages that run anywhere

The purpose of a Series A pitch is to show investors why they should invest in your business. It should provide a clear and concise overview of the business you’ve built, and then paint a picture of where that business could go and why raising money will help you get there.

Spending time in China is essential to avoid surprises. Its political environment may not be as welcoming to foreigners as previously, but that means more, not fewer, foreigners should travel there. Analysts, journalists, businesspeople and students need to be in China to plumb the complexity and nuances of the country and its politics.

ExxonMobil staked out its vision for its transition to a lower-carbon business model when it spent $4.9 billion to acquire Denbury, a smaller Texas oil and gas company with the U.S.’s largest network of pipelines designed to carry carbon dioxide. The acquisition signals the momentum growing behind “carbon management” as an enterprise that fits better with the traditional strengths of oil and gas companies than renewable energy.

Britain is suffering a decline in productivity and income which isn’t fully reflected in nominal GDP statistics. This could be because it’s expressed in a declining pound, rather than in declining nominal wages/profits. I don’t know enough economics to feel like I have good intuitions about declining currency values. It could also be partly because post-recession economic growth happened more in new employment than in higher wages for the already-employed. Potential causes are Brexit, a dysfunctional real estate market, and underinvestment in R&D – but low confidence in all of these.

iCloud is descended from a long series of features in older versions of Mac OS, going back to iTools in January 2000. It’s currently divided into two main functional services: CloudKit to handle databases, and iCloud Drive for storage of files. These appear to be implemented in the same vast distributed databases served by Apple’s own data centres and those of third-parties including Amazon’s AWS. macOS also includes some specialist tasks relying on iCloud such as the Find My service, and App Store apps are able to synchronise small shared dictionaries of key-value pairs such as preferences in an Ubiquitous Key-Value store.

Hun­dreds of doc­tors across the U.S. have en­trusted record­ings of their pri­vate talks with pa­tients to a startup promis­ing to turn the con­ver­sa­tions into us­able med­ical records through ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence. The tech­nol­ogy makes mul­ti­ple er­rors while pro­duc­ing the re­ports, such as fail­ing to use cor­rect med­ical ter­mi­nol­ogy and adding med­i­cines a pa­tient isn’t tak­ing, ac­cord­ing to cur­rent and for­mer work­ers.

Other chal­lenges are more ad­min­is­tra­tive. Fum­ble-free au­to­matic billing is one of the glo­ries of the Su­per­charger net­work. Tes­la’s Su­per­charg­ers haven’t pre­vi­ously needed in­put screens or card read­ers. Last year Tesla an­nounced a deal with the White House to open 3,500 new or ex­ist­ing Su­per­charger sta­tions to the pub­lic along ma­jor high­ways. How­ever, in or­der to be el­i­gi­ble for fed­eral in­cen­tives, pub­lic Su­per­charg-ers need to have some point-of-sale in­ter­face. Apart from charg­ing, con­sumers’ big­gest is­sue with EVs has been af­ford­abil­ity. In a Cox Au­to­mo­tive sur­vey, 51% of re­spon­dents said they were in­ter­ested in buy­ing an EV. 43% said they were hold­ing off due to high prices. Mean­while, a fleet of highly hyped mass-mar­ket EVs (Ford Mus­tang Mach-E, Ford F-150 Light­ning, VW ID.4, Cadil­lac Lyriq) are nailed to the show­room floors.

The history of the Citroën dealership in Moulins thus follows the evolutions of National Road 7 which gradually bypasses, site after site, the hearts of the villages. However, the intimate history of this family also unfolds in the shadow of the Holiday Road. Accidents, often fatal at a time when the seat belt did not exist, directly affect the family. Marie-Madeleine Dubois and Guy Dallois, died, together, in the car, in 1983.


Following months of oversight work by the Ways and Means Committee, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Daniel Werfel informed employees in a new memo on Friday of their constitutional and statutory right to make protected disclosures to Congress. Previous communications by the agency to employees may have had a chilling effect on whistleblowers, as they failed to inform them that their rights included sharing concerns directly to Congress. A recent letter from attorneys for Hunter Biden may have had a similar effect for calling into question whether it was appropriate for these employees to come to Congress with their concerns.

But Elon Musk is not one to trust someone else’s knots. He’s made his fortune by disregarding other people’s work and rethinking things from first principles. To his credit, he’s worked miracles in categories most entrepreneurs would never dream of tackling, from electric cars to rockets to satellite internet service. There may be only a handful of people who could’ve pulled off Tesla and SpaceX, and maybe only one who could’ve done both. When the game is man versus nature, he’s an obvious choice. When it comes to man versus human nature, on the other hand…

Sotomayor’s staff has often prodded public institutions that have hosted the justice to buy her memoir or children’s books, works that have earned her at least $3.7 million since she joined the court in 2009. Details of those events, largely out of public view, were obtained by The Associated Press through more than 100 open records requests to public institutions. The resulting tens of thousands of pages of documents offer a rare look at Sotomayor and her fellow justices beyond their official duties.

When Peter Thiel emerged as the right’s potential heir to Sheldon Adelson during the ’22 midterms, a highly connected Democratic operative launched a guerilla opposition research campaign to chill his political influence. What happened next was sordid, and ultimately tragic, but also a telling reflection of a new era in political combat.

The layout of the Disney parks may not be something you think about except for at the end of the day when your feet are aching and sitting feels like the best ride ever. Or when you’re hiking around the Epcot World Showcase in the blazing sun and afternoon heat. But the ways the Imagineers have creatively designed the parks influence your experience more than you think, and in ways you might not have considered before.

The AD-BASED internet is DYING, and it’s getting WORSE in the process

We only include firms where we received 100 or more comparisons to other firms. We changed this from our first release where we had included firms with over 25 comparisons. To learn more about our change and the rest of our methodology, please view our FAQ here.

The free movie.

Cancer cells-to-be accumulate a series of specific genetic changes in a predictable and sequential way years before they are identifiable as pre-malignancies, researchers at Stanford Medicine have found. Many of these changes affect pathways that control cell division, structure and internal messaging — leaving the cells poised to go bad long before any visible signs or symptoms occur.

The late-night liftoff of a Falcon 9 rocket with another batch of Starlink Internet satellites on Sunday set a new record for the most flights by a SpaceX launch vehicle, with a first-stage booster flying for a 16th time. SpaceX now aims to fly its reusable Falcon 9 boosters as many as 20 times, double the company’s original goal.

IN 1943, BRITISH NAVAL INTELLIGENCE and MI5 devised a cunning plan to fool German command into thinking that the Allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia instead of the actual objective; Sicily. All the plan required was a floating corpse and a fake identity.

To me, though, it is a fascinating feat. It feels magical when a machine solves an abstract problem like that, with minimal input from me as a user! I was, therefore, delighted when the nice folks at Prefix.dev hired me to create an open-source dependency solver for the Conda package ecosystem. Not that I am an expert in the topic (far from it!), but I do know my Rust and I’m a quick learner. In fact, after 5 weeks the new solver is finally available as an experimental option in the rattler1 project!

Since July 2022, health insurance companies have been required to publish how much they pay healthcare providers for nearly all health care services. In the past, these negotiated prices were kept secret, leading to wide differences in payments between providers. Patients and even doctors had very little idea how much was actually being paid for healthcare.

San Francisco institution Anchor Brewing Co., the godfather of steam beer, is shutting down after 127 years. The brewery was “losing millions of dollars a year,” said Anchor spokesperson Sam Singer. “Economic pressures have made the business no longer sustainable.”

The legacy press is doing just that and will likely continue to do so, handing politicians free rein to defame the whistleblowers. The question, then, is whether the House Ethics Committee will curb Goldman to send a message that whistleblowers aren’t political pawns.

In 1997, Wired magazine published an article called The Long Boom: A History of the Future, 1980–2020 (archived). The subtitle reads: “We’re facing 25 years of prosperity, freedom, and a better environment for the whole world. You got a problem with that?” As you might expect, the piece makes interesting reading here in the actual future, particularly the sidebar of “10 Scenario Spoilers”:

Pulling my site from Google over AI training.

Crouching in the shadows of the much larger Süleymaniye Mosque, the Rüstem Pasha Mosque is like a cave filled with hidden treasure. Built by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan for the extremely influential – and somewhat controversial – Grand Vizier Rüstem Pasha, the mosque is unique in a number of ways.

Judicial Watch announced today that a Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit forced the release of anorganizational chart from the U.S. State Department Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, which shows that the office employs at least 45 people. Judicial Watch uncovered the record thanks to a FOIA lawsuit filed in September 2022, against the State Department for records related to travel costs, calendars, and organizational charts for the Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:22-cv-02844)). The Biden agency is releasing responsive records in batches to Judicial Watch every six weeks.

In any event, she cites King once: “An individual has value because he has value to God. Whenever this is recognized, ‘whiteness’ and ‘blackness’ pass away as determinants in a relationship and ‘son’ and ‘brother’ are substituted.” Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? 102–03 (Beacon Press 1968). Funny because the sort of quote I remember from that book is “White Americans must recognize that justice for black people cannot be achieved without radical changes in the structure of our society.”

The AP separately queried more than 100 private colleges, universities and charities that have also hosted justices or organized events for them, requesting that they provide the same information that was asked of public institutions. Some confirmed basic details of the visits, but few provided substantive information.

Two paragraphs later, Microsoft said that Storm-0558 used the forged token to gain access to Exchange email accounts through a programming interface for Outlook Web Access (OWA). The researchers wrote:

Despite having four cylinder banks, the INNengine (depending on its configuration) actually has eight pistons. This is because the engine is an opposed-piston motor, meaning that each piston’s compression stroke is performed against a second piston placed in the same cylinder bank rather than a static cylinder head. It still only has four combustion chambers, though, which means it sounds similar to a four-cylinder engine.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a screenshot of an Instagram storyfrom mordlustderpodcast asking for an intuitive explanation of the Monty Hall problem (which, as I found out, is called the “Ziegenproblem“, or “goat problem”, in German). The basic problem is this:

The box of sweets was given to a schoolgirl to celebrate the 1902 coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra and has remained untouched for more than a century.

From defence secretary Ben Wallace to historian Tom Holland, our panel selects the greatest war movies to mark the release of Oppenheimer

Sending a thumbs-up emoji may now be considered the agreement of a legally binding contract, a Canadian judge has ruled. The thumbs-up emoji proved pivotal in a case involving farmer Chris Achter of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and a 2021 deal to sell 87 metric tons of flax to grain buyer Kent Mickleborough. Mickleborough signed the contract for the deal and texted a picture of it to Achter and wrote “Please confirm flax contract,” according to court documents. Achter responded to with a thumbs-up emoji.

After nearly five decades working at Manhattan’s Bergdorf Goodman department store, Betty Halbreich has helped a range of generations. Here, she reflects on what’s different—and what isn’t.


Growing support for the Farmers-Citizen Movement forces Mark Rutte to think twice about his plans to close farms in EU nitrogen crisis

The organizers of Thursday’s protest, the Farmers Defense Force (FDF), have said the state of emergency is a way to quash their democratic rights and freedom of assembly

And here’s the key point: hydrocarbons are prevailing despite staggering amounts of spending on wind and solar. According to a January report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, some $6.7 trillion was spent on alt-energy globally between 2004 and 2022, with the vast majority of that, some $4.8 trillion spent on renewables. And the vast majority of that $4.8 trillion — about $4.1 trillion — was spent on wind and solar.

Here are 5 common Chinese tech terms, along with explanations and examples of usage in a sentence.

Perhaps you think you can avoid the above problems by … not telling anyone about what you’re doing. After all, if people don’t know that you’re using these metrics, they won’t game them, right? Call me naive, but I think transparency is the best policy and such tactics are bound to leak and backfire. Just see the various discussions around such topics on anonymous forums, such as the following thread:

2024 will be a good news / bad news year for The Walt Disney Company and its favorite mouse, Mickey. The copyright that has prevented others from using Mickey Mouse on their products, and media runs out in 2024. That means that you, me, and the rest of the world can begin using the world’s most recognized rodent without getting permission or paying licensing fees.

It’s actually easy to name things. The hard thing is naming them well. Maybe if it were harder to name them we’d spend longer choosing good names.

The news’s obsession with having a little bit of information on a wide variety of subjects means that it actually gets most of those subjects wrong. (One need only read the blatant errors reported in the corrections page to get some sense of the more thorough-going errors that must lie beneath them. And, indeed, anyone who has ever been in the news will tell you that the news always gets the story wrong.) Its obsession with the criminal and the deviant makes us less trusting people. Its obsession with the hurry of the day-to-day makes us less reflective thinkers. Its obsession with surfaces makes us shallow.

Discarded milk represents a massive amount of work wasted on the farm, including planting and harvesting crops, raising livestock and milking cows. Generations of farm families and their communities are at risk when milk markets collapse and milk has to be dumped.

The study tested for 32 individual PFAS compounds using a method developed by the USGS National Water Quality Laboratory. The most frequently detected compounds in this study were PFBS, PFHxS and PFOA. The interim health advisories released by the EPA in 2022 for PFOS and PFOA were exceeded in every sample in which

And while only one person can win the $545,000 first place prize, there are still many other ways to win money throughout the 3-week-long competition.

For example, the King of the Mountains (Polka Dot Jersey) will take home $28,000. The best young rider and the most aggressive rider will take home $22,000. And the teams themselves can win between $55,000 and $22,000 for a podium finish in Paris.

Days later, catching up on my diary on Route 11 south out of Greenville, North Carolina, I wrote: Arlington National Cemetery – on my 1964 map the road there was called “Avenue of the Heroes” but this is now changed to “Memorial Drive” – pretty wet, huh? America’s general lack of zip and loss of self-confidence since Vietnam have been huge. Someone who gave me a lift here said, ‘Vietnam was just another big decision for America, and they were wrong. Now they’re afraid to make any decisions about anything.’ Seems true to me, I concluded, with 21-year-old certainty.

For centuries, a trove of letters lay unidentified in an archive. Then a patents expert, a music professor and a software engineer set to work

“The 2001 AUMF has served as the legal rationale for nearly every global entanglement in the nebulous ‘War on Terror’ under four different Presidents. This is far beyond what the American people imagined this authority would be used for. Congress is constitutionally bound to take responsibility here — any overseas military campaign should have specific and limited authorizations, and those in favor of them should make that case. The American people are tired of forever wars and deserve to know where their representatives stand,” Bishop said in a statement to the Daily Caller.


Chinese nuclear power plants have been releasing into the ocean water containing tritium at levels up to 6.5 times higher than the annual amount scheduled to be released from Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, according to a document the Japanese government compiled for other countries ahead of TEPCO’s discharge.

“If the functioning of the Bundesbank is endangered by an inadequate or even negative net equity, the Federal Republic of Germany can be obliged to inject capital,” it said. “Depending on the extent and probability, the risks arising from monetary policy could, in the worst case, endanger the budgetary autonomy of the German Bundestag”.

Google vi­o­lates those stan­dards about 80% of the time, ac­cord­ing to re­search from Ad­a­lyt­ics, a com­pany that helps brands an­a­lyze where their ads ap­pear on­line. The firm ac­cused the com­pany of plac­ing ads in small, muted, au­to­mat­i­cally-played videos off to the side of a page’s main con­tent, on sites that don’t meet Google’s stan­dards for mon­e­ti­za­tion, among other vi­o­la­tions.

It should be apparent by now that the Ukraine war is an enormous disaster that is unlikely to end anytime soon and when it does, the result will not be a lasting peace. A few words are in order about how the West ended up in this dreadful situation.

With plummeting ridership yet budget increases, BART has transformed from a transit system into an employment agency

The Biden administrationis “slow-rolling” enforcement of hospital price transparency requirements and fighting to hide thousands of related documents, according to a new report. Despite the Biden administration’s messaging in favor of price transparency, records from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services show inconsistent and often lengthy enforcement time frames for hospitals not in compliance, according to a Foundation for Government Accountability report obtained exclusively by the Washington Examiner.

She said they would need to deploy “hand-to-hand combat” — persuading big brands in person rather than from behind their desks — as part of the effort, the person said.  “I do believe that they’re going to have superior ad product instantly [under Yaccarino],” said Lou Paskalis, an advertising veteran and chief executive of AJL Advisory. “The issue is content moderation. And it exists in two dimensions. For everybody else. And for Elon.”

Other lights are flashing. Hopper says the number of price checks in advance of booking has risen by between 25 and 50 per cent in the first quarter of 2023 versus 2019. More travellers are also looking at flying on Monday to Wednesday, when fares tend to be cheaper. 

Some people who sought jobs at billionaire Bill Gates’s private office described going through an extensive screening process that included being questioned by a security firm about their sexual histories, past drug use and other parts of their private lives that might indicate they were vulnerable to blackmail. 

A bit of research into the generic pharmaceutical industry.

Eight teenagers, recently arrested for a string of more than 35 robberies in Oakland, are all back out on the streets Wednesday. The robberies included an attack on a 63-year-old woman in Rockridge last Sunday and the lack of punishment is prompting concern and frustration from residents. 

One of the federal prosecutors who allegedly declined to charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud donated to President Joe Biden and the other gave money to Vice President Kamala Harris while working in the private sector, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

“If you end up in a world where you can now force commodity exporters to accept your currency for those commodity imports and not the US dollar, you basically have gained sovereignty from a monetary perspective,” Pozsar says. “And so again, you will not have to run with as much FX reserves. And so you know, this is going to have feedback effects on demand for Treasuries in general and on the margin.”

The first seconds of Friday’s 90-minute set foreshadowed the powerful lighting and overwhelming bass that was to come, and has become mandatory for the EDM big leagues. A brief white flash left me momentarily blind, while a quick bass rumble pulsated through my entire body and clothes.

Between his jobs serving beer at American Family Field, working as a machinist and staffing the front desk at a local dry cleaner, Strnad estimates he works an average of 70 hours each week. He believes his work experiences set him apart from other potential candidates

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