Growing support for the Farmers-Citizen Movement forces Mark Rutte to think twice about his plans to close farms in EU nitrogen crisis

The organizers of Thursday’s protest, the Farmers Defense Force (FDF), have said the state of emergency is a way to quash their democratic rights and freedom of assembly

And here’s the key point: hydrocarbons are prevailing despite staggering amounts of spending on wind and solar. According to a January report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, some $6.7 trillion was spent on alt-energy globally between 2004 and 2022, with the vast majority of that, some $4.8 trillion spent on renewables. And the vast majority of that $4.8 trillion — about $4.1 trillion — was spent on wind and solar.

Here are 5 common Chinese tech terms, along with explanations and examples of usage in a sentence.

Perhaps you think you can avoid the above problems by … not telling anyone about what you’re doing. After all, if people don’t know that you’re using these metrics, they won’t game them, right? Call me naive, but I think transparency is the best policy and such tactics are bound to leak and backfire. Just see the various discussions around such topics on anonymous forums, such as the following thread:

2024 will be a good news / bad news year for The Walt Disney Company and its favorite mouse, Mickey. The copyright that has prevented others from using Mickey Mouse on their products, and media runs out in 2024. That means that you, me, and the rest of the world can begin using the world’s most recognized rodent without getting permission or paying licensing fees.

It’s actually easy to name things. The hard thing is naming them well. Maybe if it were harder to name them we’d spend longer choosing good names.

The news’s obsession with having a little bit of information on a wide variety of subjects means that it actually gets most of those subjects wrong. (One need only read the blatant errors reported in the corrections page to get some sense of the more thorough-going errors that must lie beneath them. And, indeed, anyone who has ever been in the news will tell you that the news always gets the story wrong.) Its obsession with the criminal and the deviant makes us less trusting people. Its obsession with the hurry of the day-to-day makes us less reflective thinkers. Its obsession with surfaces makes us shallow.

Discarded milk represents a massive amount of work wasted on the farm, including planting and harvesting crops, raising livestock and milking cows. Generations of farm families and their communities are at risk when milk markets collapse and milk has to be dumped.

The study tested for 32 individual PFAS compounds using a method developed by the USGS National Water Quality Laboratory. The most frequently detected compounds in this study were PFBS, PFHxS and PFOA. The interim health advisories released by the EPA in 2022 for PFOS and PFOA were exceeded in every sample in which

And while only one person can win the $545,000 first place prize, there are still many other ways to win money throughout the 3-week-long competition.

For example, the King of the Mountains (Polka Dot Jersey) will take home $28,000. The best young rider and the most aggressive rider will take home $22,000. And the teams themselves can win between $55,000 and $22,000 for a podium finish in Paris.

Days later, catching up on my diary on Route 11 south out of Greenville, North Carolina, I wrote: Arlington National Cemetery – on my 1964 map the road there was called “Avenue of the Heroes” but this is now changed to “Memorial Drive” – pretty wet, huh? America’s general lack of zip and loss of self-confidence since Vietnam have been huge. Someone who gave me a lift here said, ‘Vietnam was just another big decision for America, and they were wrong. Now they’re afraid to make any decisions about anything.’ Seems true to me, I concluded, with 21-year-old certainty.

For centuries, a trove of letters lay unidentified in an archive. Then a patents expert, a music professor and a software engineer set to work

“The 2001 AUMF has served as the legal rationale for nearly every global entanglement in the nebulous ‘War on Terror’ under four different Presidents. This is far beyond what the American people imagined this authority would be used for. Congress is constitutionally bound to take responsibility here — any overseas military campaign should have specific and limited authorizations, and those in favor of them should make that case. The American people are tired of forever wars and deserve to know where their representatives stand,” Bishop said in a statement to the Daily Caller.