When the Vision Pro was finally announced, people working on it believed the development team would eventually be broken up and distributed across the company — matching the approach used by Apple’s other core devices. But the recent name change seems to imply that the current structure is here to stay.

The point is, it’s hard to say with any certainty whether this will truly be the moment when Hayao Miyazaki steps away from feature animation for good (he’ll likely never step away from animation entirely, directing a new short for the Ghibli Museum during his last retirement, Boro the Caterpillar). Until a few days ago, it was also hard to say what this mysteriously titled final film would actually be about, following a bold PR strategy of, well, not doing any PR. Only a single poster for the film featuring a heron was released before its theatrical debut, without so much as press or preview screenings, trailers, screenshots, or even a synopsis. Ok

At the wave pool, which is lined with an artificial beach and ringed by cabanas and a small hotel, the Floridians ripped oceanlike swells for six hours before coming landside. They then congregated at the hotel’s mezzanine bar overlooking the waves to rip righteous tequila shots. “It’s nice to do something fun and then go out and drink,” one partyer told me, “rather than just drink.”

So, what has NASA abandoned? Late last month, the agency pulled the plug on the X-57 electric airplane before the first flight. NASA concluded that the electric and battery technology for the X-57, a small airplane, is too dangerous. NASA wouldn’t even authorize test flights.

The idea seems to be that the MLS is so important, so critical, and an institution that drives equality and social justice that it should be left alone. But what we’re likely to get is the exact opposite of being left alone.

Now, the proof is getting stronger that a lack of flexibility can hurt in the long term. Companies with flexible work policies are growing more quickly than those that require people to be in the office full-time, according to The Flex Index, released July 18, which collects office requirements on more than 4,500 companies with 30,000 locations and that employ more than 100 million people globally.

The Selway is a storied river to whitewater enthusiasts, though not many have floated it due to the limited access the US Forest Service allows. The water is only high enough for rafts to embark confidently in late May through early August, and because it’s such a coveted river with a National Wild and Scenic River distinction attached, only one group can launch per day. Obtaining a permit is among the most difficult in the Forest Service system; entry into the yearly lottery yields odds of under 1% as over 10,000 people seek around 60 spots.

“Dark Side” represented the culmination of the group’s struggle to extricate itself from the long shadow of original leader Syd Barrett, the textbook case of a 1960s rocker who went the chemical distance and never returned. As the new documentary makes clear, The Pink Floyd (as they were originally called, fusing the names of Barrett’s favorite American blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council) was very much a product of Barrett’s visionary acidhead whimsy, with bassist Roger Waters, keyboardist Rick Wright and drummer Nick Mason supporting the leader’s singing, songwriting and lead guitar. The magic lasted through the group’s eclectic first singles, but as early as the tour for the 1967 debut album “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” an LSD-addled, mentally ill Barrett was staring into the middle distance and playing one note for entire sets. He was barely present on the follow-up, “A Saucerful of Secrets” (1968), and got jettisoned from the band shortly thereafter, with guitarist David Gilmour already drafted to take his place. Fellow musician John Etheridge later remembered thinking that Gilmour should “enjoy it while it lasts, because without Syd that band’s going nowhere” — one of the great wrong calls in the history of popular music.

Investigations suggest that, in some fields, at least one-quarter of clinical trials might be problematic or even entirely made up, warn some researchers. They urge stronger scrutiny.

Microsoft still doesn’t know — or want to share — how China-backed hackers stole a key that allowed them to stealthily break into dozens of email inboxes, including those belonging toseveral federal government agencies.

Statistical arbitrage (stat arb) is a pillar of quantitate trading that relies on mean reversion to predict the future returns of an asset. Mean reversion believes that if a stock has risen higher it’s more likely to revert in the short term which is the opposite of a momentum strategy that believes if a stock has been rising it will continue to rise. This blog post will walk you the ‘the’ statistical arbitrage paper Statistical Arbitrage in the US Equities Market apply it to a stock/ETF pair and then look at an intraday crypto stat arb strategy.

“We are seeing for the first time what a megaconstellation means to the world,” Dickinson said. “That provides such resiliency and redundancy in terms of maintaining satellite communications in this example. That is powerful, and the department is moving in that direction.”

Satellite reconnaissance emerged as an irreplaceable source of U.S. intelligence during the Cold War. The vast resources required to build intelligence satellites quickly transformed space reconnaissance into an industrial-scale activity. Though satellite reconnaissance primarily served policymakers in Washington, two of its critical nodes for research, development, and operations were in Sunnyvale, California and Rochester, New York. In both places, a coalition of scientists and engineers in corporations, universities, and intelligence agencies collaborated to create satellites designed to penetrate the Iron Curtain. These technical experts were critical not only for the development of satellite reconnaissance systems, but also for their operation.

At United, bids for 978 captain vacancies, or about 50% of the vacancies posted, have gone unfilled in the past year, United pilot union data shows.

The leading companies are now profitable without subsidies. Protectionists, unions, and car makers that still aren’t good at making battery cars drive lobbying for subsidies.

Bundle a model’s weights, configuration, prompts, data and more into self-contained packages that run anywhere

The purpose of a Series A pitch is to show investors why they should invest in your business. It should provide a clear and concise overview of the business you’ve built, and then paint a picture of where that business could go and why raising money will help you get there.

Spending time in China is essential to avoid surprises. Its political environment may not be as welcoming to foreigners as previously, but that means more, not fewer, foreigners should travel there. Analysts, journalists, businesspeople and students need to be in China to plumb the complexity and nuances of the country and its politics.

ExxonMobil staked out its vision for its transition to a lower-carbon business model when it spent $4.9 billion to acquire Denbury, a smaller Texas oil and gas company with the U.S.’s largest network of pipelines designed to carry carbon dioxide. The acquisition signals the momentum growing behind “carbon management” as an enterprise that fits better with the traditional strengths of oil and gas companies than renewable energy.

Britain is suffering a decline in productivity and income which isn’t fully reflected in nominal GDP statistics. This could be because it’s expressed in a declining pound, rather than in declining nominal wages/profits. I don’t know enough economics to feel like I have good intuitions about declining currency values. It could also be partly because post-recession economic growth happened more in new employment than in higher wages for the already-employed. Potential causes are Brexit, a dysfunctional real estate market, and underinvestment in R&D – but low confidence in all of these.

iCloud is descended from a long series of features in older versions of Mac OS, going back to iTools in January 2000. It’s currently divided into two main functional services: CloudKit to handle databases, and iCloud Drive for storage of files. These appear to be implemented in the same vast distributed databases served by Apple’s own data centres and those of third-parties including Amazon’s AWS. macOS also includes some specialist tasks relying on iCloud such as the Find My service, and App Store apps are able to synchronise small shared dictionaries of key-value pairs such as preferences in an Ubiquitous Key-Value store.

Hun­dreds of doc­tors across the U.S. have en­trusted record­ings of their pri­vate talks with pa­tients to a startup promis­ing to turn the con­ver­sa­tions into us­able med­ical records through ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence. The tech­nol­ogy makes mul­ti­ple er­rors while pro­duc­ing the re­ports, such as fail­ing to use cor­rect med­ical ter­mi­nol­ogy and adding med­i­cines a pa­tient isn’t tak­ing, ac­cord­ing to cur­rent and for­mer work­ers.

Other chal­lenges are more ad­min­is­tra­tive. Fum­ble-free au­to­matic billing is one of the glo­ries of the Su­per­charger net­work. Tes­la’s Su­per­charg­ers haven’t pre­vi­ously needed in­put screens or card read­ers. Last year Tesla an­nounced a deal with the White House to open 3,500 new or ex­ist­ing Su­per­charger sta­tions to the pub­lic along ma­jor high­ways. How­ever, in or­der to be el­i­gi­ble for fed­eral in­cen­tives, pub­lic Su­per­charg-ers need to have some point-of-sale in­ter­face. Apart from charg­ing, con­sumers’ big­gest is­sue with EVs has been af­ford­abil­ity. In a Cox Au­to­mo­tive sur­vey, 51% of re­spon­dents said they were in­ter­ested in buy­ing an EV. 43% said they were hold­ing off due to high prices. Mean­while, a fleet of highly hyped mass-mar­ket EVs (Ford Mus­tang Mach-E, Ford F-150 Light­ning, VW ID.4, Cadil­lac Lyriq) are nailed to the show­room floors.

The history of the Citroën dealership in Moulins thus follows the evolutions of National Road 7 which gradually bypasses, site after site, the hearts of the villages. However, the intimate history of this family also unfolds in the shadow of the Holiday Road. Accidents, often fatal at a time when the seat belt did not exist, directly affect the family. Marie-Madeleine Dubois and Guy Dallois, died, together, in the car, in 1983.