Munro predicts that 2028 will be the end of the so-called ICE age as the era of the EV takes over, and as such, industry needs to be prepared to embrace new ideas, and be thinking about them yesterday.

Automakers are starting to admit that drivers hate touchscreens. Buttons are back!

The news that LucasFilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny would feature a de-aged Ford came at the end of last year, but an interview with director James Mangold in Total Film just revealed it will be for almost a fifth of the film’s running time. 

British institutions exert impressive amounts of soft power for a tiny island nation. One can think of the country as playing the role of an Italian city-state in the fourteenth century: it capitalizes on historic cultural prestige, educates the children of elites from its former empire, and serves as a playground for wealth and status games while not really producing anything of hard value.

Starlink map.

And because democracy operates on the principle of freedom of choice, such manipulation should be done subtly, Bernays added. If you want a man to buy a piano, for example, don’t tell him to buy a piano. Rather, Bernays wrote, you should “implant the idea in the mind of the general public” that having a music room is now fashionable. Then the idea of buying a piano “will come to him as if it is his own idea.”

But by then, Harris was on her way to becoming attorney general and did not need the support of her older married boyfriend.

“His career is over. I will be alive and kicking for the next 40 years. I do not owe him a thing,” Kamala shrewdly stated.

Still, Brown assisted her in her 2016 bid for the Senate and spoke favorably of her over the years.


On a crowded speedboat making a night crossing in rough waters off Colombia in January, Daniel Huang, a former Shanghai fitness trainer, began to regret his decision to try to enter the U.S. via Latin America.

“I knew more about retreating than the man that invented retreating,” Twain quipped of his experience.

Granted that this technology remains the incumbent for some time to come, Whittingham has concerns—big concerns—about how the world makes and uses these energy storage devices. Here are the big issues he worries about:

This ended with the least satisfying end one could expect. Over on Hacker News kevin_nisbet recommended changing the APN on the device to see if there were any routing differences. I changed the APN to NXTGENPHONE, which I figured would work as a “generic LTE device”, per https://www.att.com/support/article/wireless/KM1062162/. However, the router was not able to authenticate with the NXTGENPHONE APN, so I switched back to broadband.

The court found that he and other drivers involved in the case, based in the UK and Portugal, had the right to more information about the way automated decisions were made about them.

Crow is asked why he bought Thomas’ mother’s house: ProPublica reported that Crow bought a single-story home and two vacant lots down the road for $133,363 from three co-owners — Thomas, his mother and the family of Thomas’ late brother. “I assumed his mother owned the home,” Crow said. “His life story is an amazing American life story: born into deep poverty. Father gone. Mother — the lady whom we’re talking about — really not able to do a lot to help raise her two sons. Ultimately raised by his grandparents, who were illiterate. Growing up in Jim Crow Georgia. So I approached him with the idea that I might purchase that home for the purpose that in due course it could be the boyhood home of a great American.” The thought that it was more than that “kind of drives me crazy.”

The European Commission wants to cut deals with private American space companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch cutting-edge European navigation satellites due to continued delays to Europe’s next generation Ariane rocket system.

13. JERSEY/B JETS. Mark Sanchez, Richard Todd, Chad Pennington, Kellen Clemens, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Joe Flacco, Jay Fielder, Mike Taliaferro and Babe Parelli. The Jets certainly wouldn’t want Aaron Rodgers under center. After all, they are the Jets.

On Monday, Microsoft and Epic Systems announced that they are bringing OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI language model into health care for use in drafting message responses from health care workers to patients and for use in analyzing medical records while looking for trends.

A French publisher has been arrested on terror charges in London after being questioned by UK police about participating in anti-government protests in France. Ernest Moret, 28, a foreign rights manager for Éditions la Fabrique, was approached by two plainclothes officers at St Pancras station on Monday evening after arriving by train from Paris to attend the London book fair.

“We’ve met with them over 30 times in the last year … never got a single piece of feedback from them about what we can be doing better or differently, and then this Wells Notice arrived,” Armstrong told CNBC in an interview.

SpaceX rockets are designed to land back on Earth but the second stage of the Falcon 9 does not parachute down to the ground. Instead, it burns up in the atmosphere but before doing so it vents its unused fuel which will often take the form of a stunning spiral.

As an agent for the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), Doyle – who celebrates her 102nd birthday today – secretly relayed 135 coded messages to the British military before France’s liberation in August. She took advantage of the fact that the Nazi occupiers and their French collaborators were generally less suspicious of women, using the knitting she carried as a way to hide her codes. For seventy years, Doyle’s contributions to the war effort were largely unheralded, but she was finally given her due in 2014 when she was awarded France’s highest honor, the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

They are enabled with GPS tracking and can be guided to an accuracy within two centimetres, enabling seed-planting equipment to sow crops with precision to drive up efficiency, prevent wastage and boost environmental sustainability.


George Soros’ backed nonprofit invested at least $140 million into politically charged nonprofits just one year before the midterm elections. Those donations are on top of the more than $170 million Soros personally contributed during the 2022 midterm election cycle to help Democratic campaigns and political action committees.

A son of billionaire George Soros has quietly become a de-facto White House “ambassador,” making at least 14 visits there on behalf of the far-left kingmaker since President Joe Biden took office, records reviewed by The Post show.

What do you say to the charge that if you are a climate change campaigner, but you also travel around the world in a private jet, you’re a hypocrite?” Rajan asked bluntly. “Well, I buy the gold standard of, funding Climeworks, to do direct air capture that far exceeds my family’s carbon footprint,” Gates replied. “And I spend billions of dollars on climate innovation. So you know, should I stay at home and not come to Kenya and learn about farming and malaria?”

Sans autonomie stratégique, l’Europe risque de « sortir de l’histoire », prévient le président de la République dans un entretien réalisé lors de sa visite d’Etat en Chine.

War games suggest the best nuclear attack submarines won’t be detected until seconds before their homing torpedoes hit. We don’t really know, because no nuclear attack sub has fired on a surface ship since 1982. But in a ship-versus-sub fight, probably the sub wins. Thus a saying among sailors: “There are two types of vessels, attack submarines and targets.”

Consider the healthcare providers sidestepping the traditional inflationary payment model and offering direct care to patients at a fraction of the price. These include independent physician, surgical, imaging, and lab centers that charge affordable prices and operate apart from expensive insurance networks and claims adjusters For example, direct primary care doctors offer families all their primary care needs for around $100 a month — no insurance required. Some specialists such as obstetricians are moving to a similar Netflix-style payment model. Independent surgical centers such as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma offer procedures for around half the cost of what big hospitals charge. SCO provides knee replacements for $18,000 versus roughly $40,000 at hospitals. Cash-based imaging centers such as Express MRI offer MRIs for $500, up to ten times less than what hospitals charge.

Today we have made the difficult decision to close four of our stores in Chicago. The decision to close a store is never easy. The impact is greater than just closing a building. It affects people — people who work in, shop in and live in communities near our stores — and we never take that lightly. Treating people and communities with respect and compassion during this transition will guide everything we do.

Several issues are hurting Tupperware, including a “sharp decline in the number of sellers, a consumer pullback on home products, and a brand that still does not fully connect with younger consumers,” according to Neil Saunders, retail analyst and managing director at GlobalData Retail.

ITP’s history serves as a testament to the idea that the project of moderating data usage in digital advertising is a relentless game of whack-a-mole. Outside of starving the ecosystem of unique identifiers that can be used for user-level attribution and identity — as Apple did with ATT — or of regulating that use through legal standards, there is no effective path to utterly inhibiting it. Like a sapling on the forest floor contorting itself to meet an improbable ray of sunshine evading the canopy above, ad tech finds a way: be it through link decoration, CNAME cloaking, A/AAAA record masking, or server-to-server implementations of conversion tracking. To my mind, the only credible path to moderating this flow of data with clear, enforceable standards is through legal restrictions.

There are no studies about bicycles built before the 1980s. Life cycle analyses, which investigate the resource use of a product from “cradle” to “grave,” only appeared in the 1990s. However, the benchmark for a sustainable bicycle stands in the room where I write this. It’s my 1980 Gazelle Champion road bike – now 43 years old. I bought it ten years ago in Barcelona from a tall German guy who was leaving the city. He had tears in his eyes when I walked away with it. I have a second road bike, a Mercier from 1978. That is my spare vehicle in case the other one breaks down and I don’t have the time for immediate repairs. I have two more road bikes parked in Belgium, where I grew up and where I still travel a few times a year (by train, not by bike). These are a Plume Vanqueur from the late 1960s and a Venturafrom the 1970s.

The vast, vibrant blooms are a sign of abundance after a prolonged drought, which was broken by historic snow and rainfall this winter. Wildflower seeds that accumulated underground through a series of punishingly dry years are finally coming up, UC Davis plant sciences professor Jennifer Funk explained in a news release. “A very wet year – like the year we are having now – could trigger germination of all of these seeds at once, leading to a superbloom.”


Happy Easter!

In remarkable deep snow conditions, Mono Lake Committee staff skied from Lee Vining to the lakeshore this morning, April 1, to read the level of Mono Lake cooperatively with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (DWP). The level today establishes the maximum allowed DWP water exports for the next twelve months, and this year was an unprecedented photo finish at a critical threshold.

Here’s the problem that ends up killing company after company. Allsuccessful software companies had, as their dominant personality, aleader who nurtured programmers. But no company can keep such a leaderforever. Either he cashes out, or he brings in management types whoend up driving him out, or he changes and becomes a management typehimself. One way or another, marketers get control.

So today’s post is about a risk that Moore took that didn’t work. It was a project that, commercially, was a disaster. But, with the benefit of hindsight, we can now see that it was a reasonable risk to take. In fact, the spectacular failure of this project probably helped lay the seeds for Intel’s success in the late 1980s, 1990s and beyond.

So if they’re not reliable for use as a search engines, what are LLMs even good for?

C is a programming language and Unix is an OS. So, how did they run C before Unix era?

One key to making all of this work is using a new type of engine based on “rotating detonation.” Governments around the world have been researching this technology for more than a decade because it has the potential to increase fuel efficiency in a variety of applications, from US Navy ships to rocket engines.

This is the ultimate in storage flexibility as there is now no longer and structure to your data, it is instead simply a list of strings.

Today, we are publishing Master Plan Part 3, which outlines a proposed path to reach a sustainable global energy economy through end-use electrification and sustainable electricity generation and storage. This paper outlines the assumptions, sources and calculations behind that proposal. Input and conversation are welcome.

Correlations within the bank’s deposit base are a known risk. This is the boring business of banking. You can diversify, to a point, but every bank has a strategy. At any of them smaller than the largest firms in the world, those strategies result in customer books where many of the customers rhyme with each other.

LiquidPiston says its new XTS-210 solves the efficiency, lubrication and fuel type issues of Wankel rotary engines. This supercharged, liquid-cooled two-stroke claims 5X the power of an equivalent size or weight diesel engine, and 3X the torque.

Meta to debut ad-creating generative AI this year, CTO says

As we later found out, among other things via Jeff Gerth’s gigantic piece in the Columbia Journalism Review, the FBI said nothing about many stories it knew to be wrong, including the influential New York Times exposé, “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” The possibility that officials can lie to us in this way — leaking, asking that attribution be limited to uncheckable “sources familiar with the matter,” then saying nothing as stories start taking water — is exactly why we don’t stick our necks out for such people.

All this takes place in the context of what I’ve dubbed “preemptive underinvestment” in world oil and gas projects. There’s not a lot of spare production capacity. And demand will grow.

While trying to fix my printer today, I discovered that a PDF copy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin whitepaper apparently shipped with every copy of macOS since Mojave in 2018.

As is common in France and many other European countries, the French President’s office, known as the Elysee Palace, insisted on checking and “proofreading” all the president’s quotes to be published in this article as a condition of granting the interview. This violates POLITICO’s editorial standards and policy, but we agreed to the terms in order to speak directly with the French president. POLITICO insisted that it cannot deceive its readers and would not publish anything the president did not say. The quotes in this article were all actually said by the president, but some parts of the interview in which the president spoke even more frankly about Taiwan and Europe’s strategic autonomy were cut out by the Elysee.


Trae Stephens, a part­ner at the ven­ture-cap­i­tal Founders Fund, said in­vestors are turn­ing to de­fense be­cause of chang­ing dy­nam­ics in the startup mar­ket. The view of many VCs, he said, is, “You re­ally can’t de­ploy cap­i­tal into crypto any­more, you re­ally can’t de­ploy cap­i­tal into e-com­merce any­more. Where am I go­ing to de­ploy cap­i­tal? Well, there is a re­ces­sion-proof cat­e­gory, it’s de­fense.”

“I told the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities,” Trump said at a White House coronavirus task force press briefing, doling out praise for “strong, resolute” Georgia residents

This is corroborated by articles from a long time ago, perhaps when it was a little easier to publish ‘inconvenient’ facts, before Big Tech completely fettered the internet with their barbaric ‘WrongThink’ cleansing algorithms. This Guardian article from 2009 for instance, confirms a 15x increase in birth defects in infants. But there are two ways to think about this. The first is that, the Battles of Fallujah, which are the primary culprits where this DU poisoning took place, were maybe two months long in total, combined. That means, we can consider the fact that in only two months of firing DU in Fallujah, they poisoned the population to such a degree as to affect upwards of 14% of births with defects.

Software is misunderstood. It can feel like a discrete thing, something with which we interact. But, really, it is the intrusion into our world of something very alien. It is the strange interaction of electricity, semiconductors, and instructions, all of which somehow magically control objects that range from screens to robots to phones, to medical devices, laptops, and a bewildering multitude of other things. It is almost infinitely malleable, able to slide and twist and contort itself such that, in its pliability, it pries open doorways as yet unseen.

A little more than six months after the failure of its New Shepard rocket, Blue Origin has published a summary of the findings made by its accident investigation team. For a private company flying a private launch system, the analysis of this “NS-23” mission is reasonably detailed. Essentially, the rocket’s main engine nozzle sustained temperatures that were higher than anticipated, leading to an explosion of the rocket. The accident occurred at 1 minute and 4 seconds into a research flight that launched on September 12, 2022. The emergency escape system performed as intended, rapidly pulling the spacecraft away from the disintegrating rocket. Had a crew been on board this flight, they would have experienced a significant jolt and some high gravitational forces before landing safely in the West Texas desert. Blue Origin led the investigation, with assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. Investigators had a wealth of data to pore over, both from telemetry obtained during the flight and hardware recovered from the desert in West Texas.

“We wanted there to be an Amish community here, but seems like everybody Amish is more from Ohio or Pennsylvania, where there are more trees,” Rudy Borntreger, the community’s bishop, or elder, explained. “I think it’s so open, nobody wants to join us. Now more people decided to move back to Iowa and Minnesota, so kind of for unity’s sake.”

A Short 100-Question Diligence Checklist

Hospital pricing games are also widespread. Hospitals claim large operating losses, especially in the COVID pandemic period, but large systems sit on balance sheets with tens of billions of dollars in the bank or invested. Hospital prices for the top 37 infused cancer drugs averaged 86.2% higher per unit than in physician offices.3 A patient was billed $73?800 at the University of Chicago for 2 injections of Lupron depot, a treatment for prostate cancer, a drug available in the UK for $260 a dose.4 To drive up their own revenues, many hospitals serving wealthy populations take advantage of a federal subsidy program originally intended to reduce drug costs for people with low income.5

Recent stories in the financial press have uncovered a coordinated campaign by prudential bank regulators to drive crypto businesses out of the financial system. Bank regulators have published informal guidance documents that single out cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency customers as a risk to the banking system. Businesses in the cryptocurrency marketplace are losing their bank accounts, or their access to the ACH network, suddenly, and with no explanation from their bankers. The owners and employees of cryptocurrency firms are even having their personal accounts closed without explanation. And over the past two weeks, federal regulators have shut down a solvent bank that was known to be serving the crypto industry and, although it is required to resolve banks through the “least cost resolution” to the Deposit Insurance Fund, the FDIC chose to shutter rather than sell the part of the bank that serves digital asset customers, costing the Fund billions of dollars.

Industrial policy and subsidies are nothing new and can be useful. But shutting off from the world will have consequences.

Whether you look at teams of scientists, inventors, or software developers, this paper shows that small teams are more likely to develop disruptive, novel ideas than large teams.

It’s All Being Covered Up’: Sen. Ron Johnson on Missing Batch of Fauci Emails, COVID Origins, and Silencing of the Vaccine-Injured

Follow the money: lucrative lobbying gigs and billions in government biodefense contracts help NIH’s Anthony Fauci redirect focus away from US grants for virus research.

To ensure that users receive accurate answers, we need to separate our language model from our knowledge base. This allows us to leverage the semantic understanding of our language model while also providing our users with the most relevant information. All of this happens in real-time, and no model training is required.

Yet simply writing checks was never going to be enough. Producing chips in the US still takes 25% longer and costs nearly 50% more than doing so in Asia. Significant policy changes would be needed for US-based manufacturers to be even remotely competitive. As things stand, they face three serious impediments — all inflicted by the government.

A Scammer Who Tricks Instagram Into Banning Influencers Has Never Been Identified. We May Have Found Him.

I’d never photographed a rodeo before, but it turned out to be the most adrenaline-pumping photography I’ve ever done.

Unconventional warfare is defined for the purpose of this report as the conduct of covert and clandestine operations, psychological operations, subversion, sabotage, special operations and intelligence and counterintelligence activities aimed at contributing to a state’s military objectives. Describing these activities is complicated by the fact that Russian unconventional warfare fits within a distinct methodological tradition that uses precise but different terminology from other traditions.2 For example, in the US ‘unconventional warfare’ has a heavy weighting towards the sponsoring of non-state actors to overthrow a state.3 As shall be seen, the Russian attempt to subvert the Ukrainian state and thereby collapse resistance clearly fits within this concept of operations, but the combination of tools employed has a different weighting to what would normally be considered unconventional warfare. A consistent challenge in this special report is that Russian terminology for activities often has a very limited parallel in other traditions. On the whole – given that this is aimed at a NATO professional audience – this report uses British terms of art. Where it is necessary to use a specific Russian concept, this is explained

$50 Billion in Opioid Settlement Cash Is on the Way. We’re Tracking How It’s Spent.

Thankfully, the lessons gleaned from the cumulative weight of these data points are relatively simple. First, Iraq will not be the last unprovoked war America or one of its allies starts. That is because we do not live in a “rules based” international system. We live in a world where might equals right and powerful nations can commit mass murder with impunity, unless America decides they should be held accountable. Those nations that do not wish to suffer like Iraq (or Palestine, or Vietnam, etc.) must therefore give serious thought to creating the sort of political, social, and economic institutions that can lead to developing the industrial, technological, and military capabilities needed to protect themselves.

The Democratic merger between the corporate Left and traditional Leftism is clearly unnatural. The old Leftists like Sanders, and publications like The Nation, have become alarmed by the growing power of the oligarchic elites within the party as well as the accelerating movement of working class voters to the GOP. Given that all ten of the nation’s wealthiest congressional districts arenow solidly Democratic, they have a point. As the radical publication Jacobin complained: “The Democratic base is getting richer and whiter.”

As SpaceX enters its third decade — and solidifies its reputation as one of the leading private space companies — a generation of people who cut their teeth at the startup during its earlier years are now looking to secure their own share of the space sector. A website that tracks SpaceX alums estimates there are now dozens of companies founded or co-founded by former SpaceX employees. It also calculates that they’ve collectively raised $3.6 billion, with much of that fundraising taking place in just the last few years.

There’s a reason people sometimes get very serious about networking; for the most part, that’s how good jobs are found. And in defense of the employers of the world, it generally takes very little to shake them out of their funk – a word from a person they trust is often enough, as is some small amount of novelty in approach. It’s not like they love Indeed-style hiring; as far as I know, they hate it too. But they lack options.

HexaTrek is a 3034 km hiking trail, connecting 14 of the most beautiful nationals parks and crossing France from the Vosges to the Pyrenees.

This was the logic of the Stakhanovite Movement in the 1930s. But it is also the logic of contemporary popular and corporate cultures, whose messages are now everywhere. Promises that “possibilities are endless”, that potential is “limitless”, or that you can craft any future you want, can now be found in “inspirational” posts on social media, in management consultancy speil and in just about every graduate job advertisement. One management consultancy firm even calls itself Infinite Possibilities.

The industry started to outpace the skills of the regulators and it got even more complex with the advent of composite structures. Things that weren’t on the radar of the regulations—and the regulators–became important as time went by.