“I’m Just a Poor White Girl…”

How are you?

I asked as I placed my grocery purchases on the store’s conveyor belt.


I haven’t purchased an energy drink today. I’m just a poor white girl trying to save some money”.

A small latte, please.

“Are you staying around for tomorrow’s festivities (4th of July)?”


We’re driving further south, later today.

“Don’t go too far south.”

Not to worry, just to Mendocino.

Weeks later, a minister wondered, while discussing the parable of the sower, how many Americans know how fruits and vegetables grow…..

Scott’s cheap flights


So, I bought a $2 e-book on Amazon to learn how to find cheap flights. There was a link in that book to sign up for cheap flight emails. I saw a few deals hit my inbox, but I needed a flight ASAP, so I took what I learned in the book and found the cheapest flight I could to Europe.

A few months later after I came back I was building some travel websites while also helping one of my friends grow his business (also featured here on Indie Hackers). I received an email from Scott saying he’s going to start charging $2/month to get a premium version of the deal emails.
I bought a couple subscriptions to give away to my followers, and this is how Scott and I first connected. After a couple of months and a few phone calls, Scott and I decided to partner up in November of 2015. We had never met in person at this point, but we made a great team due to our unique skillsets.