Scott’s cheap flights


So, I bought a $2 e-book on Amazon to learn how to find cheap flights. There was a link in that book to sign up for cheap flight emails. I saw a few deals hit my inbox, but I needed a flight ASAP, so I took what I learned in the book and found the cheapest flight I could to Europe.

A few months later after I came back I was building some travel websites while also helping one of my friends grow his business (also featured here on Indie Hackers). I received an email from Scott saying he’s going to start charging $2/month to get a premium version of the deal emails.
I bought a couple subscriptions to give away to my followers, and this is how Scott and I first connected. After a couple of months and a few phone calls, Scott and I decided to partner up in November of 2015. We had never met in person at this point, but we made a great team due to our unique skillsets.