North Carolina Daily Paper to Provide Free Local WiFi


I’ve seen a lot of WiFi models lately but this appears to be the first from a local newspaper. (You’ll let me know if I’m wrong, I’m sure.) The Pilot, which covers Pinehurst and several other communities in North Carolina, will provide free WiFi across Moore County. Publisher David Woronoff explains: “The Pilot’s mission is to serve Moore County and we think the technology has advanced to the point that we can help bind the community together in a dynamic and compelling way with The Pilot’s products and Internet service.” They’ve acquired WiFi equipment, hired a GM and will start the rollout with a transmitter on their own building in Southern Pines. This isn’t a value add for print subscribers — it will be accessible to readers and non-readers. The Pilot plans to launch a fee-based WiMax network later this year.

Verizon’s 100mbps Broadband service

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad – at least those of us stuck with very slow telco service:

The Actiontec router’s 100 Mbps capability allows Verizon to continue to provide higher data speeds to the customer, as they become available in the future, without having to install a new router or other equipment in the customer’s home. Verizon’s FTTP network is capable of providing such speeds. In addition, the new router allows Verizon to remotely assist customers in configuring it to meet specific needs within the home. Verizon also provides customers a business-class Internet firewall on the router.

“The ability to remotely diagnose problems and help the customer configure the router was a key goal for us,” Wimsatt said. “In-home networking can be complex, but we have the right people — and now the right equipment — to help the customer.”

Verizon is the only major telecom company building fiber-optics directly into customers’ homes, paving the way for an array of advanced and reliable voice, data and video services. The company is currently building the network in parts of 16 states. By the end of last year, Verizon had passed some 3 million homes with the new technology and expects to pass 3 million more this year. The company began building the network in 2004.

Where’s SBC/AT&T in all of this? They don’t seem to be spending their money on infrastructure….

The People Formerly Known as the Audience

Jay Rosen:

The people formerly known as the audience wish to inform media people of our existence, and of a shift in power that goes with the platform shift you’ve all heard about.

Think of passengers on your ship who got a boat of their own. The writing readers. The viewers who picked up a camera. The formerly atomized listeners who with modest effort can connect with each other and gain the means to speak— to the world, as it were.

Now we understand that met with ringing statements like these many media people want to cry out in the name of reason herself: If all would speak who shall be left to listen? Can you at least tell us that?

Tim Porter has more.


BioPassword (Authenticates computer users based on the way they type on a keyboard.):

BioPassword offers the only multifactor authentication software that combines the user’s login credentials (userID and password) with the behavioral biometric of keystroke dynamics (unique typing rhythm) to provide a low-cost accurate security solution that is specific to the user, requires no change in user behavior, monitors and authenticates credentials and is immediately deployable across the organization and the Internet without the need for expensive hardware tokens, cards or other security devices.

Judge Rules That Prosecutors Violated the rights of 16 KPMG Partners

Peter Lattman:

Those who commit crimes – regardless of whether they wear white or blue collars – must be brought to justice. The government, however, has let its zeal get in the way of its judgment. It has violated the Constitution it is sworn to defend.

That’s the money quote in Judge Kaplan’s stunning 88-page opinion, in which he found that prosecutors violated the constitutional rights of a group of former KPMG partners by pressuring the firm not to pay their legal bills. We’re going to take the liberty of reprinting the opinion’s entire preamble, which contains remarkably clear, riveting writing:

More here, here and here.

Lattman further posts his views on the winners and losers via this ruling along with a roundup of other commentary.

Law Professor Linda Beale has a few words as well.

Pelli’s Minneapolis Public Library

Photo by

Overture Center Architect Cesar Pelli’s Minneapolis Public Library recently opened. Check out the Flickr photo set for a number of perspectives. More on the Library:

The new Central Library features 25 community meeting and study rooms, a state-of-the-art auditorium, an updated children’s library, a center for new Americans, a space especially for teens, and 353,000 square feet of additional access to knowledge-enhancing resources.

With one-of-a-kind architecture, design and resources, the new Central Library is a destination spot for residents, the downtown workforce and visitors interested in experiencing the library’s extensive collection; attending special events, performances and author readings; or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee in a warm, welcoming place.

Well worth checking out as Madison considers a new downtown library (please keep Kenton Peter’s metallic designs away…)

Body Worlds

Gunther von Hagen:

Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS exhibitions are currently showing in North America. “The human body is the last remaining nature in a man made environment,” he says. “I hope for the exhibitions to be places of enlightenment and contemplation, even of philosophical and religious self recognition, and open to interpretation regardless of the background and philosophy of life of the viewer.”

Body Worlds can be seen now at the Science Museum of Minnesota and is well worth the trip.