A Texas School District Banned My Book. Then Things Got Really Ugly.

Ashley Hope Perez:

The viral circulation of Bell’s stunt triggered waves of hatred toward me and others close to me: ugly phone messages calling me a “degenerate piece of s—,” emails that were little more than expletives strung together, social media comments saying I was “literally SATAN,” and suggestions that I hang myself. One letter I received in the mail informed me that I am “no better than a slut or hooker,” continuing, “I am guessing that you would love for some boys to take you out back.” The day I started getting hate letters at my university address was the last straw. After that, I enlisted some media-savvy friends who helped me make a funny video response to Bell’s rant—a response that I hope reveals the absurdity of these attacks and the importance of recognizing them for the attention-seeking antics they are.