If the scale of the fraud that was Russiagate did not cause you to fundamentally change your attitude about US media, either you were not sufficiently attituned to the scale of its fraudulent impact — OR you participated in the fraud. Hence the dividing line it still represents

“The GPS in my car sometimes wants to veer off into off-road travel. Before I make a long trip, I always check the route on my cell phone map…”

Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries

According to Durham’s indictment, Dolan, while an executive at the PR firm Ketchum, was hired by the Kremlin “to handle global public relations for the Russian government,” as well as its state-owned energy company, Gazprom.

Edit: I might not have underlined this point enough – I sincerely am asking for a better term and would happily use one if offered. If woke, political correctness, identity politics, etc, are inflammatory terms, I’d be happy to substitute something that’s not. But surely something is happening in our politics, and we have to be able to talk about it. So I’m asking for a name.

Last month, the Investigative Unit broke news that organizers hoping to oust Boudin submitted more than 83,000 signatures to election officials in hopes of holding a recall election during next June’s Primary – that was roughly 32,000 more signatures that what is required to put the issue on the ballot.

If it were simple to produce strategic thinkers, the world would be full of them. Certainly, the wealthiest and most stable nation states could develop systems of education, coupled with practical experience, to serve the greater good. Except this is not the case. Indeed, it is a safe assumption that few institutions in human history have unvarnished track records of making strategic thinkers. Why?

Second, dissent is squashed. Earlier this year, as Responsible Statecraft reported, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Leanor Tomero was fired from her job overseeing the NPR because she insisted the process consider Biden’s views on changing nuclear policy and slowing down programs.

1/7 If you worry the $1.2 trillion for infrastructure will be squandered on consulting contracts while nothing gets done, then don’t think about NASA’s way way way over budget return to the moon.

An outstanding challenge is that individuals don’t always know where their data live, and it’s not easy to find out.

Request access to a deceased friend or family member’s account

Perhaps the fatal blow was, in fact, self-inflicted. Zillow expanded its i-buying business aggressively. Opendoor expanded gradually. It offered i-buying services in only six markets after three years, taking its time to refine its algorithms. It is now operational in 44 markets. Zillow added almost as many markets in half as much time. A former Zillow employee told Business Insider that management had been hellbent on catching up with Opendoor, the front-runner. In order to compete, the employee alleged, the company pushed to offer generous deals to potential clients. It called this “Project Ketchup”. Now it has its own fake blood on its hands.

Arrest of Steele dossier source forces some news outlets to reexamine their coverage

This is phenomenal work! There are some great ideas in here for what anyone can do to improve and bring true polish to the #accessibility of their app!

Porch Cameras and Facebook Groups Are Turning Streets into Surveillance States

The root cause is the convergence, or I should say divergence in the business models, from when you had quality and engineering excellence, which has been replaced by concentrating on market share, profits, free cash flow, dividends, and bonuses. I saw it starting to happen in the 1990s.

Pollster: ‘I blew it.’ Maybe it’s time to get rid of election polls.

“I just took [my son] to our local Walgreens to buy him a toy. While there, a man shoved past me so firmly that he sent me into the shelving. Then he proceeded to fill a brown paper bag with Halloween candy and waltzed out of the store. This is one of five Walgreens stores in SF that will be closing in the next two months, in part because of rampant theft. And our city leaders all keep insisting crime is down.”

Advising both Chinese state companies and the Pentagon, McKinsey & Co. comes under scrutiny

Viral Lincoln Project Ads Did Little to Sway Voters, Study Shows

All they wanted was to open a noodle shop. Their tangle with S.F. bureaucracy has them regretting they tried

Monopolies Slowly Destroying the Pentagon

Chinese embassy lobbies U.S. business to oppose China bills-south May

I mention this issue because it’s important to understand that a major problem like port congestion can’t be approached in the same way as something like optimizing the layout of a chemical plant. There is no unified, global objective. All these different actors are trying to make money and shield themselves from having to pay for any extra costs. While there are usually detailed contracts regulating many corner cases, in practice the cooperation between these entities is often done informally, based on long-term relationships between organizations and even between individual people at those organizations.