There was a time not so long ago when the vendors would bring the products to you. The Watkins Man was in my mind a panel truck that carried dry goods to the folks who lived in the country or didn’t have transportation to go to a store. They specialized in baking goods and medical supplies of its time along with items of this and that. As a matter of fact that truck would carry over four hundred items that the house wife just couldn’t do without and thanks to him they didn’t have to.

The Federal Aviation Administration is prohibited from creating safety regulations for private spaceflights until October 2023. Initiatives like AstroAccess are aiming to guide the way that government agencies think about accessibility on spaceflights.

Data from the mobile-app research firm Flurry indicates that only 15% of U.S. consumers opt into tracking when offered the choice—no surprise, given that the only advantage for consumers is that the ads they see are more targeted. In August, Flurry noted that at least 80% of iOS devices had been updated to versions of the software with the new tougher ad standard.

We can see this secular move as a kind of Christianization of society—a fulfillment of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. And yet, in thinking we can make good on the sermon simply by redistributing wealth or legally enforcing “equity,” however defined, is to make light of the paradox and dissonance of Constantine’s Sword.

At the point at which we all had an iPhone in our pocket, we expanded greatly into bricks and mortar

Haiku thread follows. If a pandemic caused by a new bat-derived sars-like virus breaks out in a city and The city has no similar viruses in its local bats and Has no sars-like antibodies in its people and Has no infected animals in its markets and…

Comparison of damages (in %) when shipped in raffia baskets vs plastic crates, accounting for stacking layers; Source: Babarinsa et al 2018

WEAC: $1.57 million for Four Wisconsin Senators

The eviction moratorium hit mom-and-pop landlords hardest.

Clement and Tribe nailed it. Catastrophic delays, with disastrous consequences for patient care is exactly what happened.

Location Data Firm Got GPS Data From Apps Even When People Opted Out

Imagine if Zuck picked the next CEO of Facebook by appointing his smartest-seeming son rather than whichever executive was most capable. Do that for five generations and you’d have the NYT.

Policies should incentivize employment; not discourage it.

YouTube is about to pull its apps from Roku, and the fight is going all the way to Congress

Today, about 400 MAXs are back flying. But Boeing’s business and reputation have not recovered

A bureaucrat insisting that stacked containers are an eyesore, causing freight to pile up because trucks are stuck sitting on empty containers, thus causing a cascading failure that destroys supply lines and brings down the economy. That certainly sounds like something that was in an early draft of Atlas Shrugged but got crossed out as too preposterous for anyone to take seriously.

Hospital Prices Are Arbitrary. Just Look at the Kingsburys’ $100,000 Bill.