A woman is suing S.F. for $50 million over a parking ticket, saying tire chalk is unconstitutional

Now is a good time to remind people that the Saudi government would not be spying on activists’ phones with no-click 0-days without knowledge and approval of the Israeli government, who could put a stop to NSO Group’s sales right now.

Looking at this photo and wondering when people in the west will recognise this as a modern, extremely right-wing and highly aggressive political movement. Not traditional culture. (And you can do that without judging the individual women in it.)

If you spent your whole life trying, you couldn’t come up with a better illustration of woke progressivism as smokescreen for class that perpetuates inequality than the progressive avatar at the pinnacle of conspicuous consumption being feted with a cheeky slogan across her back.

Seven Possible Causes of the Next Financial Crisis

More fallout from how we’re defunding Seattle police backward, this time in Pioneer Square

NEW: We’ve learned that the FAA just implemented a two week TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) over the international bridge in Del Rio, TX, meaning we can no longer fly our FOX drone over it to show images of the thousands of migrants. FAA says “special security reason”.

On Thursday night, Mayor London Breed was in clear violation of the order as currently written while enjoying live music at the Black Cat nightclub in the Tenderloin. Per the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mariecar Mendoza, Breed was maskless for the duration of the indoor event, as were other attendees. (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another.)

“A predominantly remote future will challenge the need for layer upon layer of bureaucracy in American work by rejecting the assumption that ‘management’ is the only way to grow” @edzitron theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/… // Don’t agree w/generalized view of “manager bad”…thoughts 1/

The app, created by allies of the opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, vanished from online stores, reflecting a new level of pressure against U.S. technology companies in the country.

Dating experts explain how courtship has changed during the pandemic

The Real Reason for Germany’s Industrial Expansion?

Rahm Emanuel and lobbying….

Raul Emanuel and lobbying.