It seems to me that the key issue is what allowed this software error to be found on the airplane rather than in the lab.

Britain leads the pack on vaccination, but lags far behind America, Germany and France on liberation. A big reason is that our Government remains in thrall to a profession that has performed uniquely badly during the pandemic: modellers. The Government’s reliance on Sage experts’ computer modelling to predict what would happen with or without various interventions has proved about as useful as the ancient Roman habit of consulting trained experts in “haruspicy” – interpreting the entrails of chickens.

Three years ago, a small group of academics at a German university launched an unprecedented collaboration with the military – using novels to try to pinpoint the world’s next conflicts. Are they on to something?

The Economics of Dollar Stores

Western media promoting Chinese Communist Party propaganda. Western world, with a few notable exceptions, abandoned usual pandemic response & blindly followed China’s lockdown strategy. Not surprisingly no country replicated China’s fantasy outcomes. The @WHO complicit..

Huy Fong’s Sriracha hit revenue of $150m+ a year…with no sales team, no trademark and $0 in ad spend. Its creator is Vietnamese-American David Tran, making the sauce’s success a tale of immigrant hustle and a product that literally sells itself. Here’s the story

It’s time to pull this discussion into the modern era and consider what the implications of this “RISC versus CISC” comparison are for the ARM and x86 CPUs actually shipping today. The question we’re really asking when we compare AMD and Intel CPUs with Apple’s M1 and future M2 is whether there are historical x86 bottlenecks that will prevent x86 from competing effectively with Apple and future ARM chips from companies such as Qualcomm?

What mRNA is Good For, And What It Maybe Isn’t

That’s the result of a Reuters analysis of data from a model that calculates the lifetime emissions of vehicles, a hotly debated issue that’s taking center stage as governments around the world push for greener transport to meet climate targets.

How Amazon, Google and Other Companies Exploit NDAs

On July 1, 2021, Carl Hahn will be 95 years old. The former Volkswagen CEO looks back on his past and shares his vision of the future.

Inside the risky bat-virus engineering that links America to Wuhan. It has also revealed little about its new system for assessing gain-of-function risks, which is carried out by an anonymous review panel whose deliberations are not made public. Until there’s more sunlight, the agency will be fighting speculation, from Paul and others, that what occurred is a scenario Fauci himself had outlined in a 2012 commentarydiscussing research on pandemic germs.

Intuit to Share Payroll Data from 1.4M Small Businesses With Equifax

The well is owned by Pemex, a state-owned entity formed from the nationalization of private assets.

With no local access to Rx drugs, this town of mainly cattle ranchers and hay farmers has crowdsourced a delivery system, taking advantage of anyone’s trip to those bigger cities to pick up medications for the rest of the town.

Will We Ever Fly Supersonically Over Land?

They said I don’t exist. But I am here’ – one woman’s battle to prove she isn’t dead

Biohackers have built small patches of flexible electronics and microfluidics, worn on the body much like a nicotine patch, capable of crafting specific mrna sequences in situ and inserting them into the bloodstream. New sequences can be beamed to the patch from a smartphone or computer.