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‘your problem, Dad, is that you’re bored by the present’.

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“O’Brien and Pottinger recommended that Trump immediately ban travelers from China or anyone who had recently been there. Every Trump official opposed the move, even the health experts such as Fauci”.

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That they are angry and upset is irrelevant.

Grocery store workers are working, meat packers are working, hell bars and restaurants are open in many parts of the country but FDA inspectors aren’t inspecting. It boggles the mind.

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MacArthur fellow and Stanford professor Heidi Williams ’03 explores the forces that impede advances in healthcare.

It would be helpful if China released Phase III trial data on its vaccines before demanding that people take them

Fortunately the US then had judicial restraints. Judge William Morrow ruled that the San Francisco Board of Health’s actions were “boldly directed against the Asiatic or Mongolian race as a class, without regard to the previous condition, habits, exposure or disease, or residence of the individual” — and were therefore unconstitutional.