Honda Accord V-6 Hybrid Drive

Patrick Sauer summarizes his drive of a new Honda Accord V-6 Hybrid:

The new Accord V-6 Hybrid–that’s right, V-6 Hybrid–cruises out this winter and with it, a whole new way of looking at cars will follow in its wake. It used to be one or the other, V-6 power or four-banger mileage. But the super-geniuses at Honda have corralled an additional 15 horses under this Accord Hybrid’s hood (up to 255 hp) for those who like having their six cylinders but are feeling the pain at the pumps — by the way, this car will never, ever need to be plugged in. And here’s the best part, with that main course of horsepower comes a free side of better mileage–up from 24 city and 34 highway in the standard V-6 to 30 and 37 in the Hybrid. That means 633 miles per tank, in the fast lane–talk about wallet weight gain, ka ching.