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Someone I know has had some quite useful COVID-related posts removed from Medium, LinkedIn, and Nextdoor—they’ve been deemed “COVID misinformation”. (It’s not what the WHO endorses!)

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“It will take months for us to get through all of our health care workers.” 

Wisconsin will receive 49,725 doses of the Pfizer vaccine by the end of this week, officials said. 

1,010 WI healthcare workers had gotten their first shots Wednesday.

As some are reporting, it was an overnight success story 15 years in the making.

Rather, only people with covid-19 symptoms should get tested.”

“The phrase “following the science” would perhaps be better expressed as “following the scientists”. Or, maybe “following some scientists — particularly the ones whose views align with my own”.

The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are kind of brilliant at a science level. I’ve had a few people in my real non-Twitter life ask me to explain how it works so I’m going to try my best here in this thread while I’m waiting for a patient to show.s=12

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