Why have consumer drones vanished from DJI’s Hong Kong stores?

Kate Chiu:

The latest Mavic Air 2 and other consumer drones have been missing from DJI’s official stores in Hong Kong, the city where the company began

Before the rest of the world got its first taste of the Phantom or the Mavic Pro, Hong Kong was home to the team that went on to create some of DJI’s biggest hits. Founded in 2006 by a model plane enthusiast studying at a university in the city, DJI spent years developing the components behind its popular drones with the help of a local professor.

But now, as DJI prepares to ship its latest drone, the Mavic Air 2 is notably missing from Hong Kong’s official DJI stores. While it’s available for purchase elsewhere, such as Taiwan and Japan, it can’t be found in the company’s glimmering three-story flagship store in downtown Hong Kong or in the official online shop, which currently shows all consumer drones listed as out of stock. A link posted in the DJI Facebook page along with a Mavic Air 2 promo video leads to a 404 error page.

“You sure it’s purchasable in Hong Kong? You don’t even have [last year’s] Mavic Mini!” one person commented on the post. “Have you considered how long the Hong Kong store has been running out of drones?”