Madison Student Senate candidates adjust to virtual campaigning

Scott Girard:

A year ago, Anika Sanyal was visiting each of the Madison Metropolitan School District’s high schools and talking to as many of her peers as she could.

The Memorial High School student, now a junior, was campaigning for a Student Senate elected position, the student representative on the Madison School Board.

“Last year I remember I was missing so much school to go to different schools,” Anika said.

This year, she’s running to be the Student Senate president. But instead of visiting schools, which are all closed amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, she and others have to get creative to get their message out and get their peers to pay attention.

“Now that I haven’t had that opportunity to talk to students, it’s definitely been harder to outreach,” she said.

While Anika is unopposed for her office, there are two students hoping to succeed her in the School Board representative role. East sophomore Gordon Allen and West junior Julia Amann are both navigating an especially difficult campaign season for the seat, trying to get creative to reach their fellow students, who will vote on the positions later this month.