It’s never too early to run for…… President (2020) / Governor (2018)

I’ve not, to my knowledge, signed up for any email lists related to Maria Cantwell or Su Happ.

Nonetheless, the following messages recently arrived in my inbox.

Maria Cantwell, a US Senator from the State of Washington and member of the Democrat Party, became wealthy at RealNetworks, in between elected offices.

Perhaps the news missed me, but my home – Madison – is some distance from Cantwell’s Washington.

One could imagine “big tech” supporting Cantwell’s 2020 Presidential candidacy.

Maria Cantwell: Twitter campaign www Senate DuckDuckGo Open Secrets Wikileaks

Su Happ is the Jefferson County (Wisconsin) District Attorney. She ran unsuccessfully for Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014.

Perhaps she is mulling a race for Governor in 2018?

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