An Homage to “Cecil”

Chicago – New Orleans – Madrid – Seville – Barcelona – Madison – Denver – Hong Kong – Shanghai

The opportunity to “love one’s neighbor” [1] pops up constantly.

Recently, while flying west, a very tall young man, with rather elaborate hair sat in the exit row window seat, just a short distance from my small abode.

We began chatting and I learned that he – I’ll call him “Cecil” – has been playing basketball abroad for several years. This trip – flying west – would end up in Hong Kong, his next sports port of call.

I found the conversation fascinating. Cecil had a wonderful opportunity to see the world via a sport he loved. I asked how he compared the States to his various temporary homes?

“Well, the biggest difference I’ve seen is that people in Europe always greet strangers. I can’t count the times that someone has said “buenos dias” to me, a complete stranger. That does not happen in the USA.”

Subsequently, I have tried – tried to greet everyone.

Oh, he was reading this book.

[1] The greatest commandment.

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