My Larry David Intervention

A glorious evening, full of stars. Warm. A gift for someone escaping the midwest winter.

The walk was brisk but short.

That Sardinian family enjoying burgers at Bully’s (1) was still fresh in my mind. They basked in the serenity that is Piilani highway (2) before beginning their long journey home in just a few short hours.

I approached the entrance of a most sublime place, a long time favorite for its seclusion, beauty, peace, grace, snorkeling and a general lack of shopping.

Our paces matched. The face vaguely familiar.

You chose well, I mentioned. This place will soon be paved over, full of condos and shopping.

I asked if he lived here? “No, I live in LA”. “I’m here for a party”.

I turned left, he right with what appeared to be grown children close behind.

Two ships passing in the night.

Larry David (3), a name I vaguely knew, lingering on the edge of my “memory dump” (4), now occupies a place in my head.

Every time I see a Bernie Sanders (5) hat, shirt, billboard, poster, email, tweet, post, thread or a Prius trunk decorated with stickers, it is Larry David that blasts into my mind.

Living in Madison, this is a rather frequent occurrence.

My struggle …….. is likely to continue, awhile longer.

1. Bully’s Burgers Maui.

2. Piilani Highway.

3. Larry David.

4. The Memory Dump.

5. Larry David’s Riff on Bernie Sanders.