iPhone 6 & Sports Photography

Last fall I posted several sports images taken with an iPhone 5s – using its burst mode. How does the iPhone 6 (unlocked) compare?

I captured a few images using the iPhone’s burst mode (10 frames per second) last evening in somewhat low light conditions, shot through a fence. Hardly ideal. Tap to view the original, digitally zoomed versions.

The iPhone 6’s auto-focus is much faster than the 5s. The images are original, other than downsizing the display images in Photoshop to 1200 pixels wide.

It will be interesting to try the iPhone 6 with the iPro lens and perhaps others.

A bit later in the evening before a recent dinner:

Optics make a difference 🙂

Canon’s new 7D mark ii supports 10 frames per second with a much larger sensor and a wide variety of optics. The camera body is $1799.00 plus the necessary lenses.


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