Panorama: Union Pacific Locomotives Overlook Interstate 80 at Kenefick Park

Lauritzen Gardens:

Two of the greatest locomotives ever to power Union Pacific Railroad sit at the southwest point of the Lauritzen Gardens property, highly visible to passersby on Interstate 80 and welcoming motorists to Nebraska. On grand display are Centennial No. 6900 – the largest and most powerful diesel-electric locomotive ever built – and Big Boy No. 4023 – the world’s largest steam locomotive.

Featuring several plazas, seating areas, a grand staircase, “canyon” stone walls, interpretive signage, sculpture and walkways, the park documents Union Pacific Railroad’s role in the development of Omaha and the West.

The park bears the name of former Union Pacific Chairman and CEO John C. Kenefick, and is landscaped with native plants and grasses maintained by Lauritzen Gardens horticulture staff.

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Full screen panorama: tap/click then pan or zoom in any direction.

Second perspective.

“Big Boy”.

## The scenes were captured using hand-held “stabilization”. There are a few errors. Sorry.