3 Ways Consumers Will Discover Their Muchness in 2013

Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz:

If “muchness” were actually a word, it would be that modern blend of the right things greater than the sum of their parts. Or at least that’s the way I’d define it. So how will consumers discover their own personal muchness in 2013?

1. “Expressive Devices”

It used to be that 3D printing was for prototyping or for people who wanted to connect their Lego blocks to their K’nex. However, this technology is finally moving out of its geeky roots into the potential for people to make their own “art,” from Nokia allowing consumers to 3D-print device cases for the Lumia 820 or in Paris, for Fashion Week. The flexibility of the materials, and now the ability to combine them in a single item generates unprecedented levels of customization. And in all it’s geeky chic-ness, Wired announced a 3D Print-Off. We think so much of this whole notion of 3D printing, it’s one of the 3 pillars our Institute for Business Value colleagues are putting in an upcoming study (more on the other two over the next few months).