Some city agencies have fared better than others under Cieslewicz

Dean Mosiman:

Staffing within the Madison Police and Fire departments has boomed under mayor Dave Cieslewicz while some agencies like streets and parks have declined, a State Journal analysis of city data shows.
Cieslewicz said more police and firefighters have helped cut crime and response times in a growing city and that technology and management have let streets and parks employees plow snow, collect garbage and mow grass with fewer workers.

The rate of increase in earnings by Police and Fire department staff also outstrips most other agencies, the analysis shows

Staffing is about “responding to the needs of the city,” especially in a recession economy, Cieslewicz said. “It’s good management.”
But others say more personnel is needed for other basic services.

A useful investigative article. Perhaps the State Journal will have a look at the schools as well.