Polar opposite districts top nation in turnout

Craig Gilbert:

Jim Sensenbrenner’s (5th) constituents would seem to have little in common with Tammy Baldwin’s (3rd) constituents.

Sensenbrenner’s heavily suburban U.S. House district is the state’s most conservative. Baldwin’s, anchored in Madison, may be its most liberal.

But voters in both places have come to share a striking distinction: They flock to the polls in greater numbers than voters almost anywhere else in the country.

More than 314,000 people voted in the Republican Sensenbrenner’s 5th District on Nov. 7, and more than 304,000 voted in the Democrat Baldwin’s 2nd District.

Only two congressional districts in the nation produced more votes, and both are at-large, statewide seats (Montana and South Dakota) that have a lot more people than other districts.