How Many Hot Dogs Should You Eat This Summer?

Real positive takeaway here: WWIII, Cold War, Containment … these are not answers for today but relics from last century. After decades of enabling its rise, America now lives in a multipolar world but is deeply uncomfortable with that reality, thus we — in our painfully geriatric leadership cohort — reach for inappropriate tools from the past.

“We hear a lot, ‘We moved out to the town because we wanted to be in a more rural area, and here comes the big, bad city of Madison developing it,’” Greger said. “We try to allay some of those concerns. This is a long-term plan, land it takes a long time for this development to occur. Plus, we don’t have any real development interests at the moment out here.”

Bestselling writer Naomi Klein has called Baillie Gifford “thin-skinned” for putting literary festivals in jeopardy, as she defended her decision to support Fossil Free Books’ campaign against the investment manager. Speaking to City A.M. in an interview after winning the Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction for her latest book Doppelganger, Klein said she believed people should pull their money from Baillie Gifford and that the investment manager couldn’t expect to gain the clout from association with the arts, without also engaging with the ideas of artists and writers.

This cheaper device, codenamed N107, is now the focus of Apple’s Vision Products Group. The company hopes to bring that product to market as early as the end of 2025 — a plan that’s been in place since before the Vision Pro was first unveiled last year. The problem: Apple is struggling to get the cost down while retaining critical features. It’s dealing with some difficult trade-offs.

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, active since 1996, preserves nearly 900 billion pages for public access.

The unbearable sorrow of Apple Weather

As many as 5,000 bridges along Germany’s autobahns are so decrepit that they need to be renovated or rebuilt as quickly as possible. But the state, restrained by a national debt brake, is struggling to find the money.

Dealing with a co-founder not pulling their weight.

If I blast white noise, fan speeds stay at max + no throttle.

Words you can spell with a calculator.

“The only logical conclusion for the secret nature of the proceeding was to give Glanville in conjunction with the State the unfettered ability to harass and intimidate the sworn witness into testifying,” the lawyers argue in the motion. They go on to say defense lawyers have a right to the full transcript of the meeting since Copeland may have said things that could be used to undermine his credibility on cross-examination.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) and Attorney Bjorn Johnson have filed a lawsuit against the Village of Sister Bay on behalf of their clients Captains Cottage LLC, a short-term rental in the Village for unlawfully refusing to issue Captains Cottage a permit to rent the property. Due to the Village’s actions, Captains Cottage was forced to cancel all their reservations starting July 1, causing a substantial loss of income. Following WILL’s filed complaint, a judge has granted a temporary restraining order and set a hearing for Wednesday, June 26th.

What we can learn today from the British East India Company. Captain Hawkins was the father of all account managers. His expense account totaled an annual sum of £3,200 (~$0.5M in 2020 USD) paid from the treasury of the Mughal Empire. His knowledge of Turkish allowed him access to Emperor Jehangir’s intimate drinking circle, where, after several years, he succeeded in obtaining for his employers at the British East India Company the concession of a warehouse in Surat. In 1609, when Hawkins undertook his duties as account manager, the East India Company was still largely focused on the spice trade, particularly nutmeg from the Banda Islands in present-day Indonesia. The purpose of the concession was to exchange wool, iron, lead, and tin for cotton goods in India which could be traded for spices with the inhabitants of the ‘Spiceries’.

Welcome to Rent Elderly People.

I’ve mentioned that tables of contents can communicate the structure of the page. However, they do so from the outset, before you’ve started reading. In their “base form”, the reader stops benefiting from tables of contents once they’ve started reading.

I was searching through old presentations and ran into one that I gave to an international military audience in a closed-door event, just after Stuxnet had been found. At the time, these speculations felt pretty wild. They turned out to be true.

Hillary Clinton proposed a drone strike on Julian Assange, back in 2010.

A campaign finance expert tells the Tribune that ex-Ald. Ed Burke can pay the $2 million fine levied today from his political fund w/o penalty.

Anyone following Boeing’s financial performance and weak balance sheet could see this one coming.

The real gatekeepers of the world tend to be governmental in nature, either by law or by regulation. The problem with that is we’re going from a more open global market to a more tightly regulated regional market in ways that are now impacting companies pretty directly. That’s because the laws and regulations are getting tougher to protect perceived regional interests. 

Yet although SpaceX has made its money on satellites orbiting Earth (including its own Starlink communications system), the new focus among space entrepreneurs centers on opportunities outside Earth’s orbit. For the first time, the amount of venture capital money spent on extraterrestrial projects has exceeded the amount devoted to either launch or satellite manufacturing companies. Some are directly making off-Earth enabling devices, such as moon landers. It was a Houston-based private firm, Intuitive Machines, that recently placed the first American lander on the Moon in half a century.

Blue Origin demands to cap the launch and landing of Starship from Cape Canaveral.

Adonis tracks outcomes including net collection rate, denials, and accounts receivable timelines, the latter of which Magoon says Adonis reduces from about 75 days to 25–30 days. Customers include Apollo MD, US Dermatology Partners, Brightside Health, Rippl Care and RubiconMD.

More and more people in caring professions have to account for everything they do. Is this an improvement?

The great news is that I will be doing this, as Reid mentioned, 24/7, so keep Outlook and Teams open on your phones, tablets, or whatever device you take to bed with you. Building on Reid’s comments, I’m excited to announce that in my first official act I am also making redundant all of the Executive Vice Presidents that report to me and that I will assume their roles as well. We call this technology MultiplePersonalities (only available with $300M+ in Azure commits) and it gives me the ability to be on multiple Teams calls at the same time with each of the personalities of our previous executive team or even as multiple of them in a single call.

In long-awaited evidence, Jenkins, 72, insisted that the bugs and errors in the system were “well controlled and managed”, infuriating sub-postmasters. Appearing at the public inquiry into the scandal, he disputed the findings of Judge Peter Fraser, in the High Court trial led by the campaigner Sir Alan Bates, that Horizon was “not remotely robust”.

Both Poe and the novice printer Calvin F.W. Thomas were just eighteen when the poet handed over his manuscript, presumably at Thomas’s shop at 70 Washington Street in Boston, and paid him to make it into a book. The result was forty pages of unevenly printed verse bound in drab tan wrappers the shade of a faded tea stain. Tamerlane’s front cover features a potpourri of discordant typefaces within an ornamental frame that resembles a geometric queue of conifers—a heavy-handed period design I have grown to adore. It’s clear that Thomas, as a workaday job printer whose usual commissions were show bills, apothecary labels, calling cards, and the like, had his shop stocked with a mishmash of typefaces to fit any taste. On this occasion, he seems to have drawn liberally from his inventory.

Comparative data from Marine Traffic suggests that the Houthi attacks have led to a 79.6 percent drop in drybulk carriers going through the Suez Canal in June 2024 versus June 2023. The recent attacks and sinking of Tutor is expected to lead to an additional rise in insurance costs for companies planning to send ships through the Red Sea. Central Command continues to work with partners to degrade the Houthi abilities, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder told reporters Tuesday.

Recognizing the growing anti-Biden trend among Democrats, Howell issued an “emergency” memo last week warning about a possible move. He noted that since Biden has already passed through the primary process and beyond fall election ballot deadlines, the party is stuck with the president.

The campaign also comes at a time when several Republican-appointed members of the high court, including Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, have been accused by Democratic lawmakers of abrogating ethical responsibilities despite a lack of evidence that either of the justices’ decisions were influenced by outside parties.

The National Legal and Policy Center, led by Paul Kamenar, filed the complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics on Tuesday. The complaint dings Omar for “failing to accurately report the financial assets, transactions, and liabilities of her spouse,” Tim Mynett, citing discrepancies in Omar’s personal financial disclosures. Those discrepancies “deserve to be fully investigated,” Kamenar said. The complaint comes roughly three weeks after a Minnesota Reformer report highlighted Mynett’s shady business ventures in the wine and marijuana industries, which have prompted lawsuits from disgruntled investors.

“To anyone watching closely, it’s been obvious that Obama has been thinking about where he fits in today’s political mêlée and working on his public tone.” // Biden can barely do a minimal job of appearing to be a candidate for reelection. How could he perform this magical task in the last 4 months?

The images by Weimin Chu capture traditional landscapes integrated with modern developments in China. Chu creates a frame within a frame, connecting the carriage interior with the outside landscape, inviting us to journey alongside the photographer through landscapes and time.

That second point is interesting to consider. With PCC, Apple has gone to extraordinary lengths to safeguard user privacy with AI- related tasks. In doing so, Apple has surely also incurred an extraordinary expense. How can Apple justify the cost of providing PCC if it doesn’t directly monetize its Apple Intelligence features? Either through the improved brand perception captured in a broader privacy narrative or by monetizing PCC with other non-AI use cases.

Then-FBI Director James Comey had also met in the Situation Room in early October to discuss the plan. But Comey balked at accusing “Russia’s senior-most officials” of authorizing the “alleged hack” of the Clinton campaign and trying “to interfere in the U.S. election process,” as the two-page document claimed. Conspicuously, the FBI did not sign on to the intelligence.

Many of the things they fought about rhyme with the arguments in 2020. There were – wait for it – alternate or “fake” elector slates. There were arguments about the meaning of the 12th Amendment and how these conflicting slates were to be handled.

Georgia and Atlanta are welcoming, business-friendly environments that provide an ideal backdrop for Cargill’s investment in technology and innovation…

Dairy farmers in Denmark face having to pay an annual tax of 672 krone ($96) per cow for the planet-heating they generate.

These success stories suggest that the formula for Singapore’s effectiveness— active problem-solving and long-term thinking—is alive and well in many U.S. communities. Celebrating and documenting homegrown models of competent city governance is the first step in determining whether we can create an American Singapore.

It only took @TractorSupply losing $2 billion before they decided to stick to selling farm equipment rather than engaging in activism

What is the secret of the LMB’s success? Many researchers and historians have pointed to its origins in the Cavendish Laboratory, the physics department of the University of Cambridge, UK, where researchers brought techniques such as X-ray crystallography to bear in the messy world of biology. Its pool of exceptional talent, coupled with generous and stable funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC), undoubtedly played a part. However, there is much more to it. None of these discoveries was serendipitous: the lab is organized in a way that increases the likelihood of discoveries (see ‘New questions, new technologies’).

The Pennsylvania-based healthcare giant uses Nuance as an IT provider. We’re told that after the Microsoft-owned entity terminated one of its workers, that staffer two days later may have accessed and taken copies of sensitive records on a huge number of Geisinger patients – for reasons as yet unknown.

Lawyers for the Post Office arranged a secret meeting with a judge to prevent disclosure to defence solicitors in a criminal trial, the Post Office Inquiry heard yesterday.  Solicitor Martin Smith and his barrister colleague Simon Clarke met the judge at Birmingham Crown Court in 2013 on the eve of a trial of a sub-postmaster accused of theft.

This is the story of one of the greatest intelligence coups in history. It begins in the lobby of the Hotel Bristol in Oslo, one wintry night in 1939. A middle aged man went to reception and asked, could he borrow a typewriter?

‘I’m good, I promise’: the loneliness of the low-ranking tennis player

Why these things are not happening is not a military matter; this is a political matter. It is clear that the Commander’s Intent and Higher Direction and Guidance from the POLMIL level does not want to do this. So, we’ll do an incomplete job instead. The results speak for themselves.

Technology is about to accelerate.
Because Chevron deference is over.
And regulators can’t just make up laws anymore.
So, countless new startups just became feasible.
This is often spoken about in the abstract, so let’s do three examples and two visuals.

Assange says the email shown in this video is the most significant in his whole collection. Because the email contains sensitive info between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

In 1908, at the height of photographic pictorialism, a photography textbook formalized Robinson’s suggestion, in what is likely the first actual account of the (as-yet-unnamed) phenomena:

The Principle Object of Interest?—?There must be a principle object of interest in the picture; and that object must be put in the right place, not only in regard to the spacing of the negative, but also in relationship to the other details of the picture. For this purpose, you will find it an excellent plan to rule your ground-glass in the manner indicated on the accompanying diagram. The crosses indicate positions of strength, the weakest part of the space is the center. The principle object of interest, therefore, should be placed very close to where the lines intersect; that is to say, near but not in, the middle of the picture. [emphasis added]

Surprising decision by @eumetsat to launch with SpaceX Falcon 9 instead of Ariane 6, not waiting for the inaugural flight before making their launch service decision. It’s difficult to understand, especially as Ariane 6 is well on track for its 9 July inaugural flight, with all proceeding nominally. Plans still target one more launch in 2024 and the ramp-up of Ariane 6 has not changed, except now for the loss of MTG-S1. The end of the launcher crisis is within reach. Now is the time for Europe to support autonomous access to space, which is on the horizon.

To conduct this research, Passman and his colleagues applied for and received an exception to FDA rules that allows them to use the watch to alert patients who have already been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation that they are by having an irregular heartbeat.

SpaceX has been deploying Direct-to-Cellphone Starlinks since January 2024. This will enable enabling global texting, calling, and browsing with existing unmodified cellphones. SpaceX is still testing these capabilities. SpaceX should start offering T-mobile customers direct to cellphone service in the next few months.

Two decades ago Oliver Blume did a PhD in Shanghai under the supervision of Wan Gang, who as China’s minister for science and technology later became the driving force behind the country’s electric vehicle revolution. Now Blume, chief executive of both Volkswagen and Porsche, must safeguard two of Germany’s biggest industrial names from the achievements of his former professor, which gave rise to Chinese EV industry champions from carmaker BYD to battery giant CATL.