New York, New Jersey, and California are all losing residents, often to these same states. Last year, New York, California and Illinois lost more people to out-migration than any other states. Demographer Wendell Cox notes that the largest percentage loss of residents occurred in big core cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco. In contrast, populations grew in sprawling areas such as Phoenix, Dallas, and Orlando. But although New York City had the biggest losses, an outstanding eight out of every 10 New York towns have also witnessed population declines since 2020. Overall, 90% of US growth last year was outside of big cities, the electoral base of the Democrats.

The sentencing was passed by Judge Kollar-Kotelly. After Harlow’s husband begged for mercy, expressing his fear that his wife would die alone in prison, the judge taunted that maybe Harlow would “make an effort to remain alive” because that is a “tenet of [Harlow’s] religion.”

Remember: you will need a special high level ID to fly from Phoenix to Fort Worth but you don’t need anything to vote for the president.

One week after receiving emails from top epidemiologists arguing the virus was likely a lab leak, Fauci caused a virtual ban on questioning COVID’s origin.

I’d argue the worst sign for WaPo is that they’ve lost *half* their audience since 2020 and *$77 million* last year…. and the fact that they have someone trying to get them out of that rut who isn’t overly sensitive to their anxieties (or to P.R.-approved diction) is a net win

Sadly, this very clear and easy way of doing things somehow got lost in the transition to the web.

Managing a team of any size — from a handful of people to a whole company — is a continual balance between trying to empower people to achieve what they want (interesting projects, plentiful opportunities, a plethora of pay increases and promotions) whilst navigating a conflicting reality that doesn’t always want to give it to them

Brain drain from Canada

The editors of Farm Equipment, with the support of dealership software provider VitalEdge Technologies, have updated the 2024 version of an online resource of the farm equipment industry’s largest dealers. Known as the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™, the content is an interactive digital representation of the 100 largest dealers by locations and compiled annually by Ag Equipment Intelligence and Machinery Advisors Consortium

In 2021, Oakland A’s reliever Michael Kelly made a few baseball bets totaling less than $100. It’s going to cost him more than 7,500 times that amount. On Tuesday, MLB announced it was suspending five players, including Kelly, for betting on baseball. While Kelly was one of four players suspended for a year, San Diego Padres infielder Tucupita Marcano received a lifetime ban for his gambling activity. 

So when did the Deere layoffs start this year and which Iowa towns have to fill the workforce hole? Here’s a timeline of the John Deere layoffs of 2024.

They’ll make simple software fast and at high frequency. They’ll have small teams (or no team) and engage directly with their users. Like content creators, there’ll be many kinds of software creators in many mediums. There will be short-form software creators and long-form software creators. There will be educational software creators, entertainment software creators, and lifestyle software creators.

US Embassy in Kyiv sent a notice out overnight for dual US-UA citizens warning that as of June 1, Ukraine eliminated a “residence abroad” exception that allowed some men aged 18-60 to leave. Now dual US-UA citizens, including those who live in the US, may no longer be able to depart Ukraine. This is the latest measure taken by Ukraine amid its push to mobilize more men for its war effort.

Thus, if a Danish borrower takes out a 500k mortgage at 3% interest and then rates rise to 6%, the value of that mortgage falls to $358k and the borrower could go to the market, buy their own mortgage, deliver it to the bank, and, in this way, extinguish the loan. Since the value of homes also falls as interest rates rise this is also a neat bit of insurance. Remarkable!

Weird, I was told by NPR just yesterday that the economy was stronger than ever and if you believed otherwise it meant you had been “deceived” by misinformation

Elon Musk is planning to build what could be the most advanced supercomputer in the United States at the former Electrolux Memphis facility, multiple sources have told MBJ. The supercomputer project was being confirmed in a June 5 press conference held by the Greater Memphis Chamber. Sources told MBJ that the Chamber has been working to recruit the Musk operation to Memphis for months.

Breaking: Germany plans to send criminal asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. “Who abuses the protection we provide, loses the right to this protection.” The German chancellor announces plans to change German law and create new charges.

Not so in eastern Germany. It’s hard to explain this to people who haven’t grown up in a place so uniquely devoid of religion, but believing in God would have taken a very conscious op-in for the vast majority of us.

“This investigation has shown a blatant disregard for the safety of human beings,” Schmidt said. “As the sheriff, I am angered at how these men were treated and how they died.”

Costco plans to sell its customer data to advertisers, building a retail media network.

Wallace and Gromit’s will face their arch-enemy, evil penguin Feathers McGraw, when they return in a new full-length feature film this Christmas, the BBC has confirmed.

The carrier on Friday said it launched a media platform to serve travelers personalized advertisements on seat-back screens and in its app, among other platforms, as it seeks to leverage customer data.

“Yes, we need more affordable ‘missing middle’ housing in Madison. Certainly, add more density where it makes sense. The proposed apartments are neither affordable nor do they add anything to the ‘missing middle,’” Worel wrote to city planners. “What they will add is congestion, noise, and parking issues to a section of Old Sauk Road that is already dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and school children alike.”

Listen to @RepThomasMassie explain how obsessed the US Congress is with one foreign country.

A partially reusable Starship would be a rocket with almost twice the payload of a Saturn V (as it would not have to carry tonnes of reuse equipment) but with the economics of a Falcon 9. Being able to launch a vehicle in this class perhaps 100 times a year would be revolutionary in itself. It would give us the kind of presence in space that people imagined would follow Apollo – Moon bases, Mars expeditions, large space stations. No million person cities at that level, but certainly a very exciting future.

In 2004, grayscale cars made up 60.3% of the new car market, which is an understandable number. Grayscale colors are simple, widely liked, and look good on most cars. However, in 2023, that number jumped to a staggering 80%. And, according to iSeeCars, automakers offer the same number of different colors now as they did in 2004, with an average of 6.7 non-grayscale colors. So it isn’t that automakers are afraid of interesting colors. Customers just don’t seem to want them.

The current upper class will fall. Connections. Degrees. Prestige. Perception. Narrative control. The news. Their systems are failing.