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A study found corporate recruiters have a bias against ex-entrepreneurs. They get stereotyped for not wanting to ‘be a small piece of the puzzle’

Hopefully, at this point, you see where I’m going with this. What I’ve concluded, based on experience, is that positioning your project as an alternative implementation of something is a losing proposition. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. It doesn’t matter how hard you work. The problem is, when you build an alternative implementation, you’ve made yourself subject to the whims of the canonical implementation. They have control over the direction of the project, and all you can do is try to keep up. In the case of JITted implementations of traditionally interpreted languages, there’s a bit of a weird dynamic, because it’s much faster to implement new features in an interpreter. The implementers of the canonical implementation may see you as competition they are trying to outrun. You may be stuck trying to ice skate uphill.

A professional developer does thorough work when it matters, and cuts irrelevant corners that aren’t worth wasting time on. Extremely productive developers don’t have supernatural coding skills; their secret is to write only the code that matters. How can we do a better job cutting corners? I think we can learn a lot from people building tables and dressers

The “employment ice age” that followed the collapse of the 1980s bubble condemned hundreds of thousands to low-paying temporary jobs and a meager pension to match. Who will sustain Japan’s Lost Generation as it enters retirement in the years ahead?

Biden’s $7.5 billion investment in EV charging has only produced 7 stations in two years.

Germany may introduce conscription for all 18-year-olds. Both men and women could be called up to boost numbers in the armed forces.

Incora Health was established in 2022. It plans to start selling its earrings, currently in clinical trials, in a few months. “We’re first-time founders in a small city trying to change women’s health care, and that’s not lost on us,” says Theresa Gevaert, a co-founder. But the audacious young firm is part of a wave of startups that have been launched in America over the past few years. Many will fail. Some will succeed. Together they suggest profound change is afoot.

Tesla FSD vs Mercedes Driver Assist! Is Mercedes really better?

This article is a partial-rebuttal/partial-confirmation to KGOnTech’s Apple Vision Pro’s Optics Blurrier & Lower Contrast than Meta Quest 3, prompted by RoadToVR’s Quest 3 Has Higher Effective Resolution, So Why Does Everyone Think Vision Pro Looks Best? which cites KGOnTech. I suppose it’s a bit late, but it’s taken me a while to really get a good intuition for how visionOS renders frames, because there is a metric shitton of nuance and it’s unfortunately very, very easy to make mistakes when trying to quantify things.

Moreover, meticulously measuring and filling the gaps during assembly of each 787 is as expensive as Hart-Smith warned it would be.  Boeing has projected the cost of inspecting and reworking the gaps on previously built 787s before it delivers the jets to airlines at $6.3 billion. “It’s not a catastrophic safety issue, as Salehpour suggested, but only a major disaster for Boeing in regard to costs and assembly times,” Hart-Smith said. “As everyone now knows, it’s a financial disaster.”

We sent a letter to @WisDOJ after they were asked to define who is a lawful “election official.” There is no need for the AG to provide such an interpretation because the WI Constitution and statute is quite clear.

Associations of Internal Medicine Residency Milestone Ratings and Certification Examination Scores With Patient Outcomes

And when Charles Singleton, incarcerated at the Hamilton Aged and Infirmed prison in north Alabama, died at a hospital in November 2021, his body was returned to family after an autopsy at UAB. It was missing a brain, among other organs.

That makes Sweetgreen — popular for peddling premium salads that can cost as much as $20 — one of the best performing stocks in America this year, having soared more than 185% in 2024.

A study analyzing Apple, Microsoft, and SpaceX suggests that return to office (RTO) mandates can lead to a higher rate of employees, especially senior-level ones, leaving the company, often to work at competitors. The study (PDF), published this month by University of Chicago and University of Michigan researchers and reported by The Washington Post on Sunday, says:

Along with the corporate overhaul by Noyes and his associates, husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames also worked closely with IBM to re-imagine the company for the 20th century. While Elliot Noyes was an industrial designer who focused on corporate design and branding, the Eameses were renowned for their contributions to furniture design, architecture, and multimedia productions.

The Littoral Combat Ship was designed with the current crisis in mind, instead it turned into a boondoggle. Here’s why. …. The Zumwalt program saw massive cost growth which forced Navy leaders to slash the planned fleet size from the originally planned 32 to 7 and finally to the three which were actually built. 

And Chinese EVs are very good. China has struggled to make good internal combustion engines, but the shift to EVs has allowed them to leapfrog ICE vehicles entirely. Since China dominates the battery industry, mastering EVs was easy. Kevin Williams has a long article about the high quality of Chinese electric cars, which you should read despite the fact that it contains a fair share of histrionic hand-wringing “We’re cooked”, etc.). Williams’ conclusion is spot on:

“We really don’t know how the (Chinese) politburo think,” one Western official concedes.

“Doubly tough and truly sad,” Buckley said, because the city’s history was interwoven with Hamilton, and it was for a time one of the area’s largest employers. “Frustrating, too, for a city and workforce that put forth our best efforts to keep Hamilton manufacturing jobs here. But it was not to be.”

 And in Revelation 12:7, we are told, “Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back…” In this passage, we see Michael as a military commander of some angels. This is a reference to John’s apocalypse, where the archangel sees a great war of heaven. The devil’s forces were too weak to remain in heaven, so they were thrown down to heaven.

Monday was day five of a live stream that has connected Ireland’s capital with New York via an interactive sculpture and webcam that allows people to see, but not hear, each other.

One very real election issue that @GovEvers refused to address was the number of indefinitely confined voters. This status allows people to check a box & vote without showing an ID. Today, that list still stands at more than double 2016.

Recently, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe thanked Pritzker for the $827M incentive package it received from the State of Illinois despite the company’s massive net loss of $5.4 billion dollars in 2023.

While other people have had similar devices implanted, Arbaugh has become the most public recipient. Part of this is because of the enormous attention that surrounds everything that Musk does. Arbaugh is sharing his story here for the first time. Obviously he isn’t happy about being paralyzed. But he says that it happened for a reason and that dedicating his body to science in this way is part of God’s plan for him.

The case against her gathered force on the basis of a single diagram shared by the police, which circulated widely in the media. On the vertical axis were twenty-four “suspicious events,” which included the deaths of the seven newborns and seventeen other instances of babies suddenly deteriorating. On the horizontal axis were the names of thirty-eight nurses who had worked on the unit during that time, with X’s next to each suspicious event that occurred when they were on shift. Letby was the only nurse with an uninterrupted line of X’s below her name. She was the “one common denominator,” the “constant malevolent presence when things took a turn for the worse,” one of the prosecutors, Nick Johnson, told the jury in his opening statement. “If you look at the table overall the picture is, we suggest, self-evidently obvious. It’s a process of elimination.”

“Whenever you see somebody’s spending way, way more than the current value on real estate, that’s creating an epicenter,” Richards said. “These guys aren’t stupid. Whatever he’s doing, he’s here for the long haul.”

Early in his first term, Gov. Tony Evers tried committing Wisconsin to rejecting all fossil fuels as a source of electricity by 2050, an aim the Legislature rejected, but one that the governor has since pursued with executive orders. As context, Wisconsin still obtains the majority of its electricity from such conventional types of fuel. Which fossil fuels predominate, however, has changed in recent years.

Watch out for mainstream disaffection based on the fact that this movie contains traces of Ayn Rand: (“your education is not complete when you’ve not read Rand” – long chat on a DFW – LAX flight years ago.)

McVey — whose official title, as she keeps pointing out, is minister of state without a portfolio — was immediately and mercilessly mocked over her new role, and made to look very foolish on Question Time when she failed to properly explain what a minister for common sense actually does.