Industry pros sweat the possibility that many digital files will eventually become unusable — an archival tragedy reminiscent of the celluloid era.

A rejection is exactly what it sounds like. Your proposal is rejected, with no explanation why. In this case – ask for specific reasons why. One you know the reason, you can address it.

Apple Inc. is in talks to build Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone, according to people familiar with the situation, setting the stage for a blockbuster agreement that would shake up the AI industry.

This capability opens up exciting possibilities for MLLMs to tackle more complex, real-world tasks that require integrating information from multiple sources. However, the computational challenges associated with processing multiple high-resolution images remain an area for further research and optimization.

After being pressed by conservative sites like Breitbart News, AP admitted that a claim of having “geolocation data” implicating Moreno is untrue and Moreno’s counsel has shown that an intern admitted that the posting was a prank. Moreover, the AP knew and reported on the admission from the intern but still ran the story and claim of geolocational data support. The article is being denounced as a political “hit piece” and AP has reportedly brought in a major defense attorney to handle the legal repercussions.

Image and especially video compression is a problem of obvious real life significance, with video traffic taking up over 60% of all internet traffic. Increasingly better lossless and lossy codecs have been developed over the years to combat this problem. Relatively recently, a nascent research domain on using auto-encoder style neural networks for compression has emerged. This post goes through the evolution and highlights where the field might be heading.

Why cash is a cutting-edge technology for maintaining a balance of monetary power.

Fueled by private equity and a subscription-based business model, the auto wash industry is flooding the US with new outlets. Some towns and cities have had enough.

One reason for the slow rollout is that Apple’s design team has to work with carmakers to create a bespoke interface and style for each model. Even without a fully integrated approach, the new CarPlay still needs to be customized.

“It probably will cost about 30 cents per person in the United States to find out if we can mass produce this home. Doesn’t that seem reasonable in view of [the] public benefit that will accrue?”

Why didn’t this library work in conjunction with the latest version of AWS? Who knows? Not even the developers of the library might know, because the JavaScript ecosystem is so badly interconnected that everyone relies on blindly trusting each other’s code and infrastructure. It’s not even close to the experience of using robust package managers like Cargo (Rust), NuGet (C#), or others.

“Effectively what we’re doing is diverting tonnage from landfill”

Direct Solar Power: Off-Grid Without Batteries
Using solar panels without backup infrastructure makes renewable energy production much more affordable, efficient and sustainable.

This BMW i4 customer likes its hardware.
he’s got a few choice thoughts about the software though, and BMW’s pettiness in its customer treatment. The video is in German, but I summarized it for you:

This is actually happening!

Up to 10 informants managed by the FBI were embedded in anti-pipeline resistance camps near the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation at the height of mass protests against the Dakota Access pipeline in 2016. The new details about federal law enforcement surveillance of an Indigenous environmental movement were released as part of a legal fight between North Dakota and the federal government over who should pay for policing the pipeline fight. Until now, the existence of only one other federal informant in the camps had been confirmed. 

Vulnerabilities in common Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) required in US commercial trucks could be present in over 14 million medium- and heavy-duty rigs, according to boffins at Colorado State University.

Pursuing GMT for fun (and funding) has positively affected other areas of my scientific interests, and my new research modules continue to be added to GMT. The future holds many promises but will require formation and leadership of communities to steer and maintain the essential science tools that have served us well for many decades.

And as Brandon points out above, these incompetent, unethical, and unprofessional agents harm consumers every day. It isn’t the professional agents who provide great service to buyers who are causing consumers to turn against the industry; it’s the hobbyists who ruin it for everybody. The trouble is that we have far, far, far too many non-professionals in the industry today. Cui bono? Who benefits from having so many hobbyists, so many part-timers? It ain’t the professional working REALTOR. It ain’t consumers. It isn’t first-time homebuyers or military veterans or minorities or anybody else who gets trotted out all the time as examples of people that REALTORS serve. They are hurt far more by having incompetent non-professionals handle their home purchase than is the hedge fund billionaire or the doctor buying his third investment property.