Greens try to flip the script: Blame conservatives, not the Green Deal. ‘The farmers are protesting decades of conservative farming policy,’ one official argued. That case will be a hard sell amid a cacophony of green-bashing.

Bombing is not diplomacy, but politicians like it because it conveys the impression of substantive action. Bombing is neither a strategy nor a simple exercise in virtue signaling. Bombing is an act of war. Bombing does not contain conflict, nor does bombing deter an opponent from future action. If anything, bombing escalates tension and leads to all-out war.

At no time in Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia were American bombings, sea-based operations, or ground incursions truly effective in deterring enemy moves or in preventing more and more destructive war from breaking out. The North Vietnamese simply absorbed the losses and escalated their attacks wherever U.S. forces were weakest on the ground.

These measures of fitness are important because they allow us to make an apples-to-apples comparison of how hard the riders were pushing. The amateur was slower, but was he pushing just as hard relative to his fitness? Not quite—which isn’t surprising, since the pro was racing for his livelihood while the amateur was on vacation, and also since the amateur was spending twice as long on his bike each day. Here’s the distribution of relative time spent in seven different intensity zones:

Even so, the results of consolidation are always the same: less competition and, ultimately, higher prices. And sometimes deteriorating service as well.

There is another alternative and it deals with the way corporations are chartered in the United states. We could go on about this for many pages, but the key points are:
1. The idea of the corporation was invented by the Dutch in 1602 as a way of getting more ships into the water to compete with the larger European countries during the Age of Exporation.
2. The British sorta copied the Dutch idea, blending it with their then old concept of an appointment by the crown to be a supplier to the crown and its ministries. Charters were granted by the king and could be revoked just as easily.

That Protasiewicz was boosted in 2023 by Emily’s List, End Citizens United, and Family Friendly Action PAC is likely to prompt further calls from the GOP for the justice to step away from the Elias Law Group’s motion, which seeks a new congressional map in time for the election this November. Protasiewicz waved away requests from conservatives last year for her to recuse from lawsuits in connection to the state’s GOP-drawn legislative maps, which the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled were unconstitutional in December 2023. Democrats have a 4-3 court majority.

Comparing Large Language Models Against Lawyers

Workers’ posts online and details from a company Q&A session on Friday, as reported by the Verge, paint an ugly picture of the Mountain View tech giant’s current employee-boss relations. Long known as a bastion for innovation and a cushy environment for engineers, Google and its work culture are now getting skewered as overly corporate and generally aimless.

Saudi Arabia has threatened to imprison the bankers and consultants it works with if they cooperate with a probe by US lawmakers into the planned merger of the PGA Tour with LIV Golf.

A similar opportunity exists today in maritime transportation; all we need to do is ignite it. Optimally, the prize should encourage a radical rethinking of maritime transport, including its form factor, materials, power plant, and crewing. The award should also be large enough to attract many entrants and encourage bold thinking. If successful, the outcome of this prize would be;

It is with great sadness that we announce John’s death on Friday, February 2, 2024. He was born in Maryland, USA to William and Bertha Walker, who preceded him in death. John is survived by his wife Roxie Walker and a brother, Bill Walker of West Virginia.

There is a shortage because our lone factory’s maximum capacity is 28,000 units (i.e. 24 ku) per month in the face of Ukraine asking for 600,000 units (600 ku) per month.

A cryptocurrency firm has lost a bid to force BC Hydro to provide the vast amounts of power needed for its operations, upholding the provincial government’s right to pause power connections for new crypto miners.

A woman in Connecticut suddenly began getting mail advertisements for cremation services soon after she completed chemotherapy, according to a startling anecdote in a new report by the state’s attorney general’s office. According to the report, she was added to a marketing list for the cremation company by a data broker. 

Daily Trader Joe’s Price Tracker.

« These men, and they were all men, kept the faith: they continued to assert that communism was a better system, and though it had disintegrated it would win out in the end. ». An interview w Australian author Anna Funder about her 2003 book Stasiland…

What can be anticipated from #Putin’s #interview with. @TuckerCarlson? Understanding the context is crucial. Putin perceives 2024 as a pivotal year, viewing it as a window of opportunity for Russia to potentially shift the dynamics of the war in Ukraine in its favor. He anticipates a temporary gap in Western military support, with ammunition production expected to ramp up only by early 2025. Concurrently, the U.S. election cycle might lead to a less decisive American geopolitical strategy towards supporting Kyiv, and the European Union, facing its own internal disagreements, is unlikely to compensate for this support on its own. Moreover, Ukraine could be grappling with significant internal political challenges, especially with the anticipated resignation of Zaluzhny.

It’s striking how little of my lived experienced “dealing with health issues” over the past four years really shows up in the broad strokes of the data. Though it looks like clinical notes are missing from my EHI export, so that obscures some of the story.

Biden ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer deleted Joe Biden’s audio files after learning about the special counsel probe. Zwonitzer wrote wrote extensively about the Biden family and their work in Ukraine and might’ve accessed (classified?) records. The Biden DOJ is not charging him. More.

In its Form 990, In-Q-Tel makes it clear that it does not disclose its financials to the public, so where does the oversight of In-Q-Tel come from? The 990 states that: “IQT receives regular oversight from the CIA and other client agencies, who keep Congress informed of the company’s activities.”

As economist Alan Blinder said at the 1988 Nobel Prize ceremony, “The ideas here seem obvious with the passage of time. But someone had to think of it first.”

I left my VW Polo at home, hopped on a train and made by way to Central London where I met the legendary car journalist and TV presenter James May in London to discuss what made German cars so ‘nice’, what they mean to people in Germany and around the world and where he thinks this is all headed. A history enthusiast as well as a car man, James is ideally placed to give us a whistle-stop tour of German cars from Benz and Beetle to Trabant and TT. Enjoy!

Robinson is one of the greatest living Christian novelists, by which I don’t just mean that she’s a Christian—though she is an active one—but that her great novels (five so far) and her versatile, morally stringent essays (four collections and a book of lectures, on subjects including Darwinism and the Puritans as well as her own childhood) reflect a deep knowledge and love of Christianity. Robinson, who has taught Bible classes and preached at her church in Iowa City, Iowa, is a learned lay theologian of the Calvinist variety. In many of her essays and particularly in Gilead, she makes us aware of a John Calvin who does not at all conform to his reputation as a dour ascetic.

With cloud costs and complexity higher than expected, many enterprises are making a U-turn and putting applications and data back in traditional systems.

Let’s start off by reminding everyone that Elena did not come through qualifying, nor did she appear out of nowhere to win her Wimbledon title. She has been one of the WTA tour’s most promising prospects for the last few years. She’s had a slow and steady climb up the rankings and reached the upper echelon of tennis without the backing of the Russian government (she was born in Moscow). In 2020, right before the pandemic hit, Elena made 4 finals in less than 2 months and was on the fast track to the top 10. She was actually set to reach a career-high ranking of number 5 in the world, but the rankings froze because of Covid. She had a difficult time finding her sparkling form again once the tour resumed.