“I cannot see how Boeing can continue like this,” said longtime industry expert Adam Pilarksi, of aviation consulting firm Avitas. “They are getting killed.”

Meanwhile, Acts 29 itself has struggled with pastors in the network breaking off in a variety of different cultural and theological directions with some going more progressive while others have taken a reactionary conservative turn.

The marketing departments of the camera companies long ago lost the thread on all this. Japanese continuous iteration engineering will always extract a little more with each generation of product. They’ve been doing that most of my life now in tech, and I don’t see them stopping. However, the first few generation gains are the most dramatic, and once we’re in the tenth or later iteration, the gains are so minimal that the marketing teams can’t even see them, let alone describe them.

Why did this happen again? There is no doubt that as the suppliers of flawed technology, Fujitsu have a case to answer. During my time in government, it was made clear to me that they and the Post Office would be following the same playbook they always had, regardless of how often that had been shown up as inadequate. They had no interest in embracing the new ways of working GDS was advocating for. -and- no more “big IT failures”.

The “stuff” that is CES are all the products and technologies that influence everything that gets built. Stuff that looks silly today might very well vanish, but even if it does it will influence the stuff that shows up and transforms the world. There was an incredible timeline of CES on the wall from LVCC to the Westgate hotel illustrating “stuff” from every year of CES (it was too difficult to photograph). Likewise, the IEEE (yes that one) had an exhibit of long but forgotten gadgets from decades past, even voting on which one should be erased from our memories. In reality as silly as some of these look today, such as the laser disc player or cable TV tuners, each were just part of “gadgets and stuff” that came in past years. If you ever want to wind me up, then say there was nothing transformative at CES.

Altogether, this illustrates the fact that it’s not common for our sweet receptors to get activated by small calorieless molecules, and chemists must have eaten a lot of weird things to find the synthetic sweeteners we currently use. This is when things get out of control.

…and so on! The remaining bytes yourself are for you to practice on. You can stop when you’ve read the number of characters indicated by the length field previously.

It’s the second time Boeing turned to an admiral in connection with 737 MAX crises.

This middle class, however, is feeling less sure these days, as the economy keeps getting whacked. The trouble with Xi Jinping is that he is 60 percent correct on all the problems he sees, while his government’s brute force solutions reliably worsen things. Are housing developers taking on too much debt? Yes, but driving many of them to default and triggering a collapse in the confidence of homebuyers hasn’t improved matters. Does big tech have too much power? Fine, but taking the scalps of entrepreneurs and stomping out their businesses isn’t boosting confidence. Does the government need to rein in official corruption? Definitely, but terrorizing the bureaucracy has also made the policymaking apparatus more paralyzed and risk averse. It’s starting to feel like the only thing scarier than China’s problems are Beijing’s solutions.

Other times, you might want to ask more complex questions about what you see. Let’s say you’re browsing social media and come across an image of a delicious corn dog with some unique toppings. You’ve been seeing a lot of these online and are curious to learn more.

The Boeing inspector recorded in CMES that the repair was not done properly, that the Spirit team “just painted over the defects.” As a result, the repair job was reopened. Looking at it anew, the Spirit mechanics then discovered that, in addition to the problematic rivets, the pressure seal sandwiched between the plug and the airframe was damaged and needed replaced. “The big deal with this seal,” the whistleblower wrote, was that the replacement part was not on hand in Renton and needed to be ordered, which could threaten to delay the jet’s delivery schedule.

To think about Apple’s commercial, one really has think about the context of the start of the year 1984. The Orwellian dialog was omnipresent. Of course as freshman in college we had just finished our obligatory compare/contrast the dystopian messages in Animal Farm, Brave New World, and 1984 not to mention the Cold War as front and center dialog at every turn. The country emerging from recession gave us all a contrasting optimism.

“The U.S. Constitution foresaw that States should not be left to the mercy of a lawless president who does nothing to stop external threats.”

Jen O’Malley Dillon, the new campaign manager for President Biden’s 2024 reelect, previously worked as a consultant to Bill Gates’s VC arm and Mark Zuckerberg’s personal charity foundation. Here’s her disclosure from her work during 2020.

This sobering letter from former FBI, Homeland Security, and other law enforcement officials describes the chilling reality of why @POTUS’s open border is a clear and present danger to America.

Publishers: Ditch Google search addiction or die
Google’s switch to generative AI-written search results could send many publishers out of business.

10 of 10. The DEM maps disenfranchise between 600,000 and 751,000 citizens. By contrast, the courts in ’92 and ’02 kept disenfranchisement below 260,000. In an earlier case, Justice Dallet said that true neutrality requires that the effect of disenfranchisement is kept minimal.

Last year the US surpassed Qatar and Australia to become the world’s leading supplier of LNG, which is natural gas supercooled and condensed so that it can be economically carried on ships. Its seven operating terminals can produce as much as 87mn tonnes a year — enough to satisfy the combined gas needs of Germany and France.

“This is a worst-case scenario, which is currently trapping thousands of well-healed residents who took out large mortgages,” says one Chicagoland residential real estate investor. “Northside condos appear to be taking the biggest hit,” he observes.

Our aim is to expand the universe of ideas that policymakers can consider to restructure the airline industry. We offer a set of policies that take seriously the problems in the industry and are designed to address them. These policies fall into four categories:

(1) Resilience, Competition, and Geographic Access

(2) Fair and Transparent Pricing

(3) Protecting Passengers and Ensuring Safety

(4) Oversight and Enforcement.

In each of these areas, we offer concrete proposals for how policymakers can improve the flying experience for passengers, workers, communities, and the country.

“but that’s because they’ve pulled in men from those groups who respect strength and are repelled by victimology”

Their business model seems pretty focused also. Flying to lots of smaller regional airports with quick turnaround times – so high utilisation rates, flights from 0600-0100, loads of auxiliary revenue, lots of advertising paid for by the destination and the airport operator owns the risk of flight delays – so if a flight gets delayed due to an airports ground handling turnaround time being missed, Ryanair will get a rebate which it doesn’t have to pass on to passengers?
I really don’t see U2 being so focused as FR.

The wealthiest American cities in 1949.

It was the inspiration for Emeryville-based Pixar’s hit movie “Toy Story.” “After 75 years of gratefully serving the San Francisco community, the store will be closing next month. The store has been struggling for a number of years, due to the perils and violence of the downtown environment, inflation, the decrease in consumer spending and the demise of retail across the world. The family is saddened it has come to this and we’ve explored all other options to try and keep the business going. The leadership of the City of San Francisco and the Downtown Association have their work cut out for them on how to revitalize what was once a vibrant and fun downtown experience,” said Ken Sterling of Sterling Venture Law, attorney for the family. “We are working through this complex situation with the landlords and creditors and at this time, I’ve advised my clients to not be interviewed by the press.”