By analyzing data on tens of thousands of people across four continents compiled between 15 existing studies, a team of researchers has landed on a more comfortable figure: the optimal number is probably closer to 6,000 steps per day, depending on your age.

The foulest thing about the weekend wasn’t the miserable weather, but rather Bears fans’ collective mood after watching Love go from promising first-year starter to budding superstar in a 48-32 dismantling of the Cowboys.

The anti-inflammatory effect of exercise was much greater than most people had expected. That raised another question: whether inflammation might also play a dominant role in other lifestyle illnesses that have been linked to cardiovascular disease, such as diabetes and dementia.

Boeing’s Legacy Vanished Into Thin Air. Saving It Will Take Years

Chrome Users Now Worth 30% Less Money Thanks to Google’s Cookie Killing, Ad Firm Says

Scott’s dad had a couple of rules when collecting hats. They had to have a patch on them or an advertisement, they couldn’t be plain, and they couldn’t have any dirty sayings, Legried says.

With McCarthy, it was essentially the same. Running back Ryan Grant compared the dynamic on those Packers offenses to mankind’s relationship with artificial intelligence in my ‘19 B/R story: “When you put a quarterback in a position and you talk about how cerebral he is and you give him flexibility to make some changes, guess what? … You develop A.I., because it has the capacity to run without you. And then when it runs without you, it’s like, ‘Wait a minute!’ But in the same breath, if you’re not actually able to stay ahead of it, it’s going to outthink you and it’s going to say, ‘Me making the decision is the better decision.’”

In fact, back in August 2016, the Texanist, apparently weary of the unwavering heat, went off on the perpetrators of what he considered to be an exceptionally infernal utilization of the heat index. “Hey, meteorologists!” he wrote. “Enough with the damn heat index! ‘And we’re looking at a high of 101 degrees, but with the heat index it will feel more like 118.’ That’s like saying, ‘It’s going to be hotter than two rats making whoopee in a wool sock, but it will feel hotter than the devil’s nether regions.’ Or the other way around. Either way, it’s completely unnecessary. It’s hot. Can we just leave it at that?”

How to eliminate a political opponent. Here are 20 classic tricks. 1. Arrest & prosecute them.

It’s bad enough when people fail to consider events that obviously could happen but haven’t. But it’s even worse when people fail to consider events that have happened hundreds of times, treating each new instance as if it demands a massive update.

A self-styled glaciologist, Rabot undertook four expeditions to the Arctic in his lifetime; when he wasn’t voyaging to polar climes, he was writing about them in his capacity as editor of the journal La géographie or advising the likes of the prince of Monaco on their own itineraries. His written accounts theatrically capture the difficulty of life in these harsh climates, as in a description of the struggles of providing medical care in rural Scandinavia:

“Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.” That creates a problem as the software slows down despite the hardware’s improved processing power.

In Madison, other workers currently waiting for contracts include game testers at Middleton video game studio Raven Software, who voted in a union in May 2022; seamstresses and screenprinters at custom clothing company Crushin’ It Apparel, whose votes were tallied in November 2022, and bakers and bread sellers at Madison Sourdough Company, who voted in a union last April. Hundreds of office workers at Madison-based financial services company TruStage, who went on strike in May for the first time since unionizing in the 1940s, finally ratified a new contract in December after close to two years of negotiations – likely the longest lag in the company’s history.

A new report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office warns that loss of state fuel tax revenues could have dire consequences for the upkeep of roadways. Taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel now total about $14.2 billion a year. More than $4 billion annually could disappear by 2035, when the state’s ban on the sale of new fossil fuel cars takes full effect.

Red Ventures has been quietly approaching strategic buyers, mostly other large media holding firms, for several months to gauge their interest in CNET, but talks began to ramp up before the holidays, sources told Axios.

Google search really has been taken over by low-quality SEO spam, according to a new, year-long study by German researchers.

The researchers, from Leipzig University, Bauhaus-University Weimar, and the Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, set out to answer the question “Is Google Getting Worse?” by studying search results for 7,392 product-review terms across Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo over the course of a year.

They found that, overall, “higher-ranked pages are on average more optimized, more monetized with affiliate marketing, and they show signs of lower text quality … we find that only a small portion of product reviews on the web uses affiliate marketing, but the majority of all search results do.”

Chip and Joanna’s New Hotel Is Just One Reason to Visit Waco. The latest Gaines project, Hotel 1928, beckons Magnolia fans with its on-brand decor, thoughtful touches, and excellent location.

The Eagle Ford still produces more than a million barrels of oil (mmb/d) and 5 billion cubic feet of gas per day so that’s the first thing to expect about the future Permian. Plays don’t crash and burn but follow an undulating path downward over years or decades.

One should never underestimate the Houthis. They don’t fear disrespect.

I paged through, stopped and smiled when I saw it. There it was, the innocuous phrase that hid an $800 million secret: “expediting production.”

Courtesy cards,” are cards given out by the NYC police union (and presumably elsewhere) to friends and family who use them to get easy treatment if they are pulled over by a cop. I was stunned when I first wrote about these cards in 2018. I thought this was common only in tinpot dictatorships and flailing states. The cards even come in levels, gold, silver and bronze!

“You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not jokin’.”

These cafes had all adopted similar aesthetics and offered similar menus, but they hadn’t been forced to do so by a corporate parent, the way a chain like Starbucks replicated itself. Instead, despite their vast geographical separation and total independence from each other, the cafes had all drifted toward the same end point. The sheer expanse of sameness was too shocking and new to be boring.

The state’s current approach to valuing farmland amounts to a sort of double discount: the first is well understood and the second is unknown even to some experts. This approach is notable, especially in the context of the current housing affordability challenges facing many Wisconsin communities, since it puts more of the cost of government services onto residential and commercial property owners. The current approach may also distort to some extent both market values for agricultural land and state aid to school districts.

As Molly White said, “there are never purely technological solutions to societal problems”. To fight surveillance capitalism, we need E2EE, regulation, justice, and education.

One of my dreams is to someday convince the State Legislature to teach the curriculum they teach us prisoners, in elementary school, that people like me can learn it better without having to go to prison to learn it, I’m try my to convince some people to pitch it to legislators—if any one would like to help with that please let me know. It will help with more than just avoiding prison—it will help with all relationship conflicts, and who does not have those…? The prison parenting class should be taught in High School too…[page 23 follows]

Steep drop in electric sales in Germany was main factor in sending EU sales down for the first time in 16 months

The emergence of the New America is not just a move to red states but includes population shifts within blue states. In California, San Francisco and Los Angeles may be experiencing declines, but outlying areas such as the San Joaquin Valley and the Inland Empire continue to grow, a trend expected to continue for the next several decades.

Some of the world’s most important breakthroughs have come out of Bell Labs, including the first transistor, the laser, radio astronomy, the dawn of cellular and satellite communications and the beginnings of artificial intelligence. Bell Labs was also the birthplace of the UNIX computer operating system, C++ and numerous programming languages.

The perverse fisheries consequences of mosquito net malaria prophylaxis in East Africa

“Brilliant young female Czech player fatigue”.

If the proposal passes, which would still need to be approved by both chambers of the Legislature in the upcoming budget session, it gives legislative direction to the State Board of Land Commissioners to dispose of the Kelly Parcel directly to the federal Department of the Interior.

Same campaign stop 3 years later. That’s a 28% increase.

From new AI combating self-checkout shrink to digital shelf systems, vendors unveiled grocery innovations and new retailer tie-ups at the annual conference in New York. Here are some of the top ones.

“The fact that the Beltline is totally dry and surrounding jurisdictions have clear main streets is evidence that Madison could also have clearer main streets.”