Additional notes on 1302 Midvale

A few additional comments:

1. I don’t think any construction should happen at 1302 Midvale in the absence of an attractive plan for the Midvale/12-18 intersection. Cart before the horse. I know what that means with respect to a schedule.


This is an opportunity to raise the design bar vis a vis our endless, more of the same rectangles simply designed to expand the tax base. Further, compare 1302’s proposed height and aesthetics to the Sequoya Library building.

2. I find current, nearby property assessments rather curious, placing large values on the buildings (really?) vis a vis the land.

3. Summarize the issues. I appreciate the long narratives that have been shared via email and social. I suggest consolidating them along with a succinct intro on a blog/www site, with a brief, easily shared domain.

4. Get the word out: share a QR code/link via postcards with the surrounding neighborhood.

5. With respect to the developer, entrepreneur Sam Jacobsen (PDQ, Bishops Bay) had a son named Jeff. Perhaps there is a relationship.

Photos and aerial vr scenes, here.