With the Porsche FOSS Movement, we are continuing our open-source journey and creating a common understanding of values, principles and goals – in all teams, all subsidiaries and across all national borders.

Who better to help him take over China, Wylie thought, than Henry Kissinger? In the 1970s, as US national security adviser and secretary of state under President Nixon, Kissinger had presided over a historic rapprochement between the US and China. Since then, he had been an important interlocutor between China and the west. Kissinger was not a Wylie client, but that was an easy problem to solve. When Wylie Googled Kissinger’s name in 2008, he was confronted with books attacking his humanitarian record. “Kissinger was depicted as a war criminal who enjoyed killing babies – basically a monster,” Wylie said. “So I went to him and said: ‘Henry, this is not good legacy management.’” Wylie told Kissinger to fire his agent. Then, he added, “You need to get all three volumes of your memoirs back in print, and write a new book, a strong book.” Kissinger quickly became a client of The Wylie Agency.

Miles and miles of unpaved roads are carved into the eastern half of California City, intersecting and folding into themselves only to bottom out into empty cul de sacs. Even though there are no houses in sight, the roads are marked with street signs — with names like Lincoln Boulevard, Rutgers Road and Aristotle Drive — that stand among the prickly creosote bushes.

The main goal of HTML First is to substantially widen the pool of people who can work on web software codebases. This is good from an individual perspective because it allows a greater number of people to become web programmers, to build great web software, and increase their income. It’s also good from a business perspective as it decreases the cost of building software, and decreases the amount of resources required to hire – a notoriously resource intensive process.

“We’re too slow, too sluggish, too complicated – as it is, that’s not survivable.” (difficult to translate with 100% precision – what he’s saying is that if VW doesn’t change these things, survival is at stake. original quote: “Wir sind zu langsam, zu träge, zu kompliziert – das ist nicht überlebensfähig.“)

The truth is that nobody really knows what will happen in 2026 because the relevant legislation gives an incredible amount of leeway to government regulators. Based on how the law is written, the NHTSA can basically interpret impairment any way it likes and decide how driver monitoring systems assess this and ultimately respond. I would wager that’s a problem in itself.

The Packers, meanwhile, have entered the gauntlet portion of their schedule in the same familiar rut. They’ll find a way to keep one or two of these games against contenders close. But then? Chances are, they’ll find a way to lose.

Six nuclear reactors just 9 feet across planned for Idaho were supposed to prove out the dream of cheap, small-scale nuclear energy. Now the project has been canceled.

“It’s clearly going to be a vacuum for a while,” said Cannon Michael, a melon and tomato farmer. Michael also chairs the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority, which supplies water to 1.2 million acres of irrigated farmland in the Valley.

“We want to make it cheap and easy to get anywhere in the Solar System.”

in 2008 William Burns – then Ambassador to Moscow, now CIA Director – warned that “Ukrainian entry into NATO is the brightest of all redlines for the Russian elite.” NATO’s overthrow of its elected gov’t & de facto takeover of Ukraine is what they feared.

In the second installment of Truth in Media’s series on the “curious case of Ray Epps,” host Lara Logan dug deeper into Epps’ background as an Oathkeeper in Queen Creek, Arizona, which coincidentally is the very same town Gionet is from

“Miyazaki, in my estimation, is the greatest director of animation ever, and he has made his films as full of dialogues and questions as he is,” continued Del Toro. “These are not easy films, but these are films that portray him so intimately, that you feel you’re having a conversation with him. And they are paradoxical because he understands that beauty cannot exist without horror, and delicacy cannot exist without brutality.”

It’s a remarkable level of productivity, made all the more remarkable by one simple fact: Vernon Smith is 96 years old. Smith, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences at the tender age of 75, says he feels the same passion as he did then, and even as he did when he embarked on his career more than seven decades ago.

Selfie-related injuries and deaths at tourist hotspots have become such a massive risk that they should be viewed as a “public health problem”, researchers suggest.

Senate investigators caught Fauci’s right-hand man David Morens advising scientists to hide communications by emailing him at his Gmail. Morens also admits not retaining documents, as required by law.

A Bernstein survey of more than 1,500 consumers in China in August and September found that BYD was the top brand that Chinese buyers of electric vehicles would consider. Tesla was next, followed by Nio.

“For the first time, I came face to face with the competitiveness of Chinese components,” Kato said. After seeing equipment and manufacturing processes not used in Japan, Kato thought, “We’re in trouble!”

But amid the outrage, Apple’s muted public response has been perplexing, obfuscatory, and contradictory. So far, the iPhone manufacturer has not released a formal public statement. Attributions have been made to sources, government officials, or what Apple has purportedly said when contacted for a response. The absence of any clear or constituent articulation from the American technology giant has left the space wide open for random mudslinging and unverifiable claims and counterclaims.

Interactions between Presidents and the Federal Reserve (Fed) can arise in response to what’s going on in the economy – they do not always reflect political pressure.

A number of essays on UOJ that I have seen would be characterized by teachers who assign essays as “read and regurgitate” papers. There is no effort to challenge the premises of trusted teachers. Such a procedure ultimately leads to blindly following the “traditions of the elders.” That there have been quite a number of such papers does not establish the validity of any of the argumentations.

The Rev. Eugene Cho, Bread’s current president and CEO, summed up Simon’s legacy in a statement: “When I consider the many millions of people around the world whose lives have been changed for the better because of the policies and programs created and improved by anti-hunger activism; when I see the 200,000-strong citizen’s movement that Bread is today; when I hear from individuals about how Art’s message and work led to a new orientation in their life toward justice; I feel an enormous weight of gratitude.”

Johnson’s opening moves seem masterful. The very first thing he did was tie aid for Israel to a cut in IRS funding. He had to know that would go nowhere, but it put capital in the bank with the hard-right. Then he averted a government shutdown — and even an eleventh hour deal — by making pretty much the same deal with Democrats that got McCarthy sacked just several weeks ago.

John Boyd (Patterns of Conflict) Thanks to Jason Brown. He converted these from BETA tapes located in the Marine Corps University archives.