For a decade, apps have dominated dating. But now singles are growing tired of swiping and are looking for new ways to meet people – or reverting to old ones

Against a Dystopian Farm-Free Future: In an effort to make diets and agriculture “sustainable,” urban bureaucrats make policy based on industrial agricultural data, completely ignoring experience and practices coming out of holistically managed operations.

Oil and gas company BP has agreed to purchase $100 million worth of electric vehicle chargers from Tesla. This marks the first time Tesla has ever sold chargers to another company, according to an announcement from BP.

This kind of literary criticism is a high-wire act; doing it well means ferrying the reader from the publisher’s office to the writer’s desk without inducing vertigo. McGurl and Sinykin tell compelling stories of the multinational conglomerates that bought up almost all of the independent publishers, enforced standards of efficiency that continue to repress creativity and diversity, and learned to thrive in a marketplace that does not distinguish between Henry James’ “The Golden Bowl”and Torre & Tagus’ Brava Spun Textured Metallic Gold Bowl Decorative Bowl for Living Room & Centerpiece Display. But they both go one step further as they attempt — with some success — to chart a new way of reading novels through an institutional lens, one that challenges the romantic myth of the solitary author that many writers, including Elizabeth Gilbert, have made the main substance of their careers.

Most of the doctors also started working at UnityPoint Health-Meriter in Madison in August, Sansone said. In addition, some are operating at SSM Health’s hospitals in Baraboo, Janesville and Madison, where they have maintained privileges even though they are no longer employees and despite lawsuits between SSM Health and the group.

Norway EV sales and related data. These data have been collated from data from Statens vegvesen (SVV) hosted by the Digitaliseringsdirektoratet and from ofv.no.

My growing frustration spurred me to find out why Apple’s weather app stinks. In speaking to experts, I was comforted by the fact that there’s actually a reason — algorithms, specifically — for my annoyance. It’s nice to be mad at something in particular. But in my search I also discovered newfound appreciation for local meteorologists and more about weather and weather forecasting than I had initially planned.

Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.

Aryna Sabalenka & 20 other top players including Elena Rybakina, Ons Jabeur, Marketa Vondrousova signed the letter, which requested a more flexible calendar, expanded childcare, higher pay, & official representation on the WTA player’s council from their own independent player’s organization – the PTPA. The letter ended with a request for ‘a written, substantive response to this letter & each requested improvement with a clear commitment by the WTA to address the issues stated above by Friday, October 13th.’

Porsche has to save € on software development. A partnership with Google & deeper integration of Maps, Assistant, Play Store are planned. they call this ‘blended ecosystem’.

Time Magazine reports that Ukraine struggles to rally financial support after its failed counteroffensive and amid allegations of widespread corruption.

Israel might think that it is in a war with Hamas. It isn’t. It’s in an online war with a global, networked tribe for its very existence. A war it is losing. You can see it in this recent poll (one of many that say the same thing) just after the terrorist attack.

These are the key paragraphs of (threat) letter revealed yesterday from Google to Microsoft when it found out MSFT would make its search engine the default in its new browser. Google’s statements on power of defaults vs user choice undermine much of its defense to date.

As someone who has photographed San Francisco extensively, over the past 30 years, literally walking thousands of miles of our city streets, I can validate what @elonmusk is saying here about the zombie apocalypse in San Francisco. Walking around Market Street, Mission Street, the Tenderloin, you literally encounter zombies, strung out, high on fentanyl, standing and awake but completely zombified.

Most important, they were cheap. The 1968 eight-passenger Vista Cruiser and 1968 10-passenger Country Squire retailed for about $30,000 in today’s dollars. That would buy you a new Toyota Camry today. A top luxury option in 1969, the Chrysler Town & Country, cost about $39,000 in today’s dollars.

Excellent by @stevesi detailing the AI executive order and all that is problematic about the approach.
-Slows and perhaps arrests innovation
-Outside of democratic processes
-At the behest of incumbents and to their benefit

Why EVs Aren’t The GreenTech Panacea || Peter Zeihan

A new analysis by The Intercept provides evidence refuting that claim. Biden’s effort to delegitimize the numbers coming out of Gaza as fake news has created an opening for defenders of Israel’s indiscriminate bombing campaign to dismiss the crisis; they note that Hamas governs Gaza and therefore runs the Ministry of Health and is inflating the figures. (Biden later clarified he meant to say he didn’t trust Hamas, not all Palestinians, according to the Wall Street Journal.)

The German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck’s video message is must watch

The limited availability of electric vehicles and low interest rates pushed prices sky-high in 2022. That has all since changed this year.

In addition to the report, the event marks the release of the CORE Score, a county-level dashboard of wellbeing. Together, the report and the dashboard make the case for a shift in national priorities, from a focus on how the economy is doing onto how Americans are doing.

My take on #NetworkStates: Satoshi thought he was building e-cash for decentralized payments, but he actually discovered digital gold. @balajis thinks he’s building Network States for people to go claim land to live in, but he’s actually discovered phyles-as-a-service. The majority of people will not move to Moldova or Roatán to live in a startup city, but they do want phyles.

The diffusion of innovation and new ideas is fundamental for economic growth, cultural shifts, and institutional change. How are new ideas created, and how do they diffuse? Specifically, how do spatial con- nections affect the generation and diffusion of ideas? Intuitively, a denser network should increase the number of novel ideas and augment their diffu- sion. I study knowledge production in Germany in the 19th century, relying on the universe of bibliographic records and novel railway statistics, among other original data, as well as cutting-edge machine learning and topology to measure ideas. I show that the railroad network increased the creation of new ideas, but decreased their diffusion. This was a by-product of spe- cialization: with the railroad, groups of scholars could focus on narrower topics and co-locate with similar professionals; they learnt more from similar groups, but became disconnected from dissimilar ones. These patterns are those that paved the way for modern knowledge production, and they had important consequences for state institutions, on top of scientific discoveries and growth. Public officials and legislators were trained with narrower but deeper expertise. The bureaucracy became more specialized, and legislation more exhaustive.

In December, a new chief executive will take the reins at Blue Origin, an Amazon veteran named Dave Limp, who has Bezos’ trust. When he was hired, Bezos gave Limp a clear mandate: move faster. In particular, Bezos wants Blue Origin to deliver on the large New Glenn rocket and lunar lander for the Artemis Program. One way to cut costs and move faster would be to take the talented and experienced engineers on New Shepard and allocate them to the rocket and lander programs.

Airbus Industries The A300 Story Brochure 1974 from La Jetée Press

“For serving our customers so they don’t get confused”.

“Everybody has this green light to pursue more solar installations,” Kuntz said. “We’re at a moment when solar costs are at a historic low. We’ve got these terrific federal inflation reduction tax credits.”

The software, aimed at gamers annoyed by the sound from other players, used artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze more than 5,000 crunches.

The German-American former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about Germany’s asylum policy: “It was a grave mistake to admit so many people from entirely different cultures, religions, and beliefs, as it fosters interest groups within countries.”