The U.S. has sent more than $70 billion worth of aid to Ukraine since Russian troops crossed its border last year. But now a battle is brewing in Washington over the Biden administration’s request for over $20 billion more.

This “relocate or resign” policy bears an uncanny resemblance to AT&T’s June ultimatum to its employees, which has raised several eyebrows and suspicions of a covert layoff strategy. It’s not uncommon for corporations to use intricate and complex language to obscure their actions and intentions. In this case, the seemingly straightforward phrase “relocate or resign” could be a smoke screen concealing an attempt to shrink workforce numbers without the accompanying negative press that mass layoffs invariably attract.

Obviously, text editing on mobile is possible as millions do it every day. My point isn’t that “it’s impossible” but a much more subtle “it’s much harder than we think”. Many of you will just say “get a grip grandpa, it’s not that bad” and dismiss my concerns. But keep in mind that most text created on mobile is short and low effort, usually messages and social media comments. Editing is rarely needed so this friction doesn’t matter so much. I’ve also had many people tell me of students writing entire papers on their phone. That’s right, it’s possible! Lots of people run marathons too, that doesn’t mean everyone is able to.

It’s too bad, because I’d like mobile to grow and be even more productive than desktops are today. But the way we’re going, we’ll be editing text this way for the next 20 years at least. Do we really want this? Too bad text editing is an invisible problem no one appreciates.

But not everyone is as bullish about AlphaFold revolutionizing drug discovery — at least, not yet. In a paper published in eLife the day before Recursion’s announcement1, a team of scientists at Stanford University in California showed that AlphaFold’s prowess at predicting protein structures doesn’t yet translate into solid leads for ligand binding.

Finally, on the flip side, when in doubt about the legality of an image posted online, it never hurts to ask the creator before lashing out or making unsubstantiated claims in a public forum. In real life, calmly ask rather than accuse someone of operating illegally in front of a ‘No Drone Zone’ sign. A little civility goes a long way. Hopefully, all this information clears up the misconception of the ‘No Drone Zone’ sign for both sides.

Upon my return to the United States from a trip to Japan, I was directed to a secondary inspection room where I was presented with a Grand Jury subpoena by officers from the IRS-CI and DHS. The subpoena required me to appear in New York to provide testimony for wire fraud. ?

While they’ve seen some beautiful places, it’s the people they met that they said they would remember the most. “Some of the towns we stopped in weren’t that interesting, but the people we met are what is most important to us,” Michael said. “A handful said we must be crazy for going on a trip like this,” Martina said. But then others asked if they could come along with them, she added.

“A medieval university city such as Oxford had a deadly mix of conditions,” says criminologist Manuel Eisner, lead murder map investigator and Director of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology. “Oxford students were all male and typically aged between fourteen and twenty-one, the peak for violence and risk-taking. These were young men freed from tight controls of family, parish or guild, and thrust into an environment full of weapons, with ample access to alehouses and sex workers.”

The Skype team concluded that they needed the protection of a bigger partner and sold the company to eBay for $2.6bn in 2005. Zennström made even more money a few years later by participating in an investment consortium that bought Skype back from eBay and flipped it to Microsoft for $8.5bn in 2011, making him a billionaire.

Maximalism can be seen as the inverse of wokeness: a cultural movement in the form of an economic movement. It’s about owning guns, lifting weights, and eating steak as much as it’s about Bitcoin.

The charge was filed in a document known as an information, a type of document that prosecutors usually use if a defendant is expected to plead guilty to the charges. Littlejohn and his lawyer, Lisa Manning, declined to comment.

It’s still far too hard to learn what many hospital procedures cost. Laws can help, but public pressure is also necessary.

Over the past 40 years, betting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been a fool’s game. But today, China’s development model faces its most formidable test. During Xi Jinping’s ten years in power, he has overseen major economic and political changes that threaten to undermine the key drivers of China’s success during the “reform and opening up” era. Instead of an open, pragmatic, and experimental approach to development, Xi has turned to national security, ideology, and top-down directives to realize his “China Dream” of national rejuvenation.

What are the rules of the rules-based order?

Some key takeaways from Isaacson’s biography of Elon Musk:

  1. The only unbreakable rules are the laws of physics. Every other rule or restriction was put in place by a person, and people are idiots. Progress means questioning every rule and seemingly arbitrary guideline. If you aren’t re-writing the rulebook, then there’s no hope of ever beating the status quo.

The government passed a law, so they buy your software, (Epic) they get money. It’d make it a lot easier.

All right, two really good stories. You might not even believe them, because they’re so outlandish. Does everyone know who Epic is? It’s hard to know, because they’re not public. It’s a very large private company in Wisconsin that is the largest player in EHR software, medical records. And this is their CEO, Judith Faulkner. Now, in, get the year right, 2009, Obama put her on his Health IT Council. She was the only corporate representative. Should not surprise you that she’s a major donor to Obama.

Now, Obama passed the American Recovery Act, that was his big piece of stimulus, kind of like Biden’s inflation act that happened recently, and tucked underneath that, easy to hide in this big bill, is an act that was, the acronym’s HITECH, it’s this health information technology thing. And then they created an agency called ONC that oversaw it. Now, this is the part you’re not gonna believe. They came up with a brilliant idea. I have to assume she helped encourage this. Doctors would receive $44,000 each if they bought software. $38 billion. This is true, you can look it up. I’m not making it up. $44,000, give it to a doctor, implement some software. For many of you who run companies, that’d be pretty cool, right? The government passed a law, so they buy your software, they get money. It’d make it a lot easier.

Now, you may be thinking, Are doctors needy? But here’s the catch. You remember, this happened because of the mortgage meltdown. Doctors own multiple homes, so they have multiple mortgages, so they probably needed the assistance. Now, there’s two more things about this act that are also unbelievable. First, there’s a flaw. If someone said you’re gonna pay people to buy software, most people would be like, Well, you’re gonna have a problem. They’re gonna buy it and they’re not going to use it, right? Well, they thought of that. So guess what? The second phase, doctors got paid 17,000 more dollars to prove they were using it. It was called Meaningful Use. Plastered all over the website of all the EHR vendors at the time. It gets even better! So the the ONC decided the threshold of features you would need for your software to comply with this mandate. And I’m assuming they kind of took Epic’s feature set and plowed it into this spreadsheet. But they got the Department of Justice to enforce people that didn’t have the feature set that were getting the payments.

And you had three record fines. 155mn, 57mn, 145mn, against the lesser competitors of Epic. Unreal.

If you’ve studied the innovator’s dilemma, the way startups disrupt is they come in with lower feature products, but a feature that really matters to the customer in a simpler product, and they move up.

They put a brick wall there, so you couldn’t come up. It’s just amazing.

Obama, in an interview with Ezra Klein, said this was the most disappointing part of Obamacare. I mean, I think if any of us were in the room when they scratched this thing out, I could have told him it would have failed. I mean, paying people to do stuff is just… it’s not going to work.

Now you may ask, am I am I unhappy with Judith? I’m disgusted with it.

But, but, if I were a judge in the Olympic regulatory capture competition, I’m giving her a 10! This is fantastic. Fantastic!