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I first heard about the rescue of Pisces III about fifteen years ago from a ship’s captain while on a cruise around the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily. I filed it away and two years ago decided to dust the idea down and explore if it would work as, what I imagined, could be a ‘non-fiction thriller.’ What appealed to me was not only the plight of the men at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean but this international ‘Brotherhood of the Sea’—teams from Britain, Canada and America—who all came together to work on the rescue mission.

The pilot was forced to spend about two hours flying over the desert and the sea to dump around 80 tons of kerosene to enable the aircraft to land safely, prompting questions about the environmental damage caused by the Green minister’s trip.

Today, Judge Andrew Macrae reported that he and other judges on the Hong Kong Court of Appeal unanimously overruled the convictions against Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, Margaret Ng, Lee Cheuk-yan, Leung Kwok-hung, Cyd Ho and Albert Ho for organising an unauthorised assembly in 2019. Their convictions for participating in an unauthorised assembly were upheld.

Developer experience is how much your (present and potential) devs want to work on a specific project. Poor developer experience is a byproduct of dissonance between perceived complexity of a project and tangible complexity of the systems and processes related to it.

The origin of this disaster is now becoming clear:  massive amounts of dry, dead fuel (mainly grass), strong downslope winds produced by strong trades interacting with local mountains, and human ignition, most probably from powerlines.

That means she explored the thousands of new food and consumer brands, picked the best ones, and helped them launch and scale their products in Whole Foods stores — a life-changing opportunity for many businesses. Also an incredible experience in data-gathering, deal flow, and network-building for a future investor. 

Last week, CNN announced the hiring of Jamaal Simmons, fresh off his role as Vice President Kamala Harris’s communications director. Her office has yet to replace Simmons, seemingly aware that CNN is taking on that job for Harris. Only two weeks prior to the Simmons hire, CNN announced that former Biden White House communications director Kate Bedingfeld had been hired as an on-air commentator and contributor.

Dennis Giese taught DEFCON attendees how to secure their robot vacuums.

Chang thought the tech companies should focus on designing the microchips, and outsource the actual manufacture to a company that specialises in it. Chang suggested this to Texas Instruments over and over, but they never budged. Eventually, he was shifted sideways into a dead end role, and he quit.

Nearly 6,000 data request orders “complied with” in 2022. To ProtonMail’s credit, the organization publishes a transparency report going back to 2017. In it, we find the following statistics detailing legal orders for user data.

As a result of the crash, a large crowd gathered and multiple people began to obstruct paramedics, firefighters and police, according to MPD.